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“From Classroom to Garage: Jatin Shukla, Founder of ‘Smart Garage’ at St Michael’s School, Offers Affordable Bike Services Starting at Rs 99!”

"St Michael's Rising Star, Jatin Shukla, Introduces 'Smart Garage' – Class 11 Entrepreneur Offers Bike Services at a Jaw-Dropping Rs 99!"

[Satna], [3/4/2024] –

Jatin Shukla, a dynamic 17-year-old entrepreneur from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, has taken a bold step into the business world by launching his startup, “Smart Garage.” This initiative aims to revolutionize the bike service industry, making it not only accessible but also affordable, with services starting at an unbeatable ₹99.

Jatin Shukla, currently a student at St Michael School in Class 11th, is not your average teenager. Balancing academic excellence and a passion for philosophy, Jatin has ventured into the world of business at a remarkably young age, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a difference.

Hailing from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, Jatin draws inspiration from his roots and the community around him. His vision for “Smart Garage” is not just a business venture but a service to the community, providing affordable and quality bike services to his fellow residents.

Academic Excellence and Athletic Achievements:

Jatin Shukla is not only a bright student but also an accomplished athlete. His achievements include a gold medal in weight lifting at the Sambhag level and two medals in boxing, highlighting his dedication and versatility. Despite his young age, Jatin has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in both academics and sports.

A Glimpse into Jatin’s Entrepreneurial Journey:

Jatin’s entrepreneurial journey began with a dream to contribute to his hometown. The lack of affordable bike service options motivated him to start “Smart Garage,” a one-stop solution for all bike-related needs. With services starting at just ₹99, Jatin aims to make vehicle maintenance accessible to everyone in Satna.

The Smart Garage is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled technicians who ensure that every bike is serviced with precision and care. Jatin’s commitment to quality service at an affordable price reflects his understanding of the local community’s needs and his desire to contribute positively to the region.

Supporting Local Businesses and Community Development:

Jatin Shukla’s “Smart Garage” not only provides affordable bike services but also contributes to the local economy. By supporting local businesses and creating job opportunities within the community, Jatin envisions a holistic approach to development. His commitment to social responsibility sets an example for other young entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact.

Connect with Jatin Shukla on Instagram:

To stay updated on Jatin’s entrepreneurial journey and Smart Garage’s latest offerings, follow him on Instagram: [Jatin Shukla’s Instagram](

In conclusion, Jatin Shukla’s venture, “Smart Garage,” is a testament to the potential and determination of the youth in India. His focus on providing affordable bike services not only fills a gap in the market but also reflects his dedication to community development. As Jatin looks forward to growing his business, “Smart Garage” is poised to become a beacon of quality and affordability in the bike service industry.



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