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“Burglars Return Stolen National Awards to Tamil Director with Apology Note”

Burglars Return Stolen National Awards to Tamil Director with Apology Note

In a remarkable turn of events reminiscent of a cinematic plot, burglars who raided the ancestral home of Tamil director Manikandan in Madurai’s Usilampatti have made an unexpected gesture by returning a portion of their loot. Among the items returned were two prestigious National Film Awards that Manikandan had earned for his outstanding contributions to Tamil cinema.

The incident unfolded when Manikandan’s house was burgled last week, resulting in the theft of nearly 15 sovereigns of gold, ₹1 lakh in cash, and various other valuables. However, amidst the chaos of the break-in, the burglars displayed an unexpected act of contrition by returning the two National Film Award medals along with an apologetic note.

The handwritten note, left in a plastic bag outside the gate of Manikandan’s residence, expressed remorse for the intrusion and acknowledged the director’s hard work. It read, “Sir, please forgive us. Your hard work is yours,” as reported by Deccan Herald. This unexpected act of remorse has sparked intrigue and admiration within the local community.

The director, who was away in Chennai at the time of the burglary, learned of the incident when his friends visited his home to care for his pet dog. The discovery of the returned awards and apology note has left both Manikandan and the authorities perplexed yet intrigued by the burglars’ unexpected gesture.

Usilampatti Deputy Superintendent of Police, C. Nallu, provided insight into the investigation, revealing that while the medals were returned, the remaining stolen items are yet to be recovered. “The valuables are yet to be recovered. But it has come to our notice that the awards have been returned,” stated Nallu.

Manikandan, renowned for his work as a filmmaker and cinematographer in the Tamil film industry, received the National Film Awards for his films “Kaaka Muttai” and “Kadaisi Vivasaayi.” “Kaaka Muttai” was honored with the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 2015, while “Kadaisi Vivasaayi” received the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil in 2022.

As investigations continue into the burglary, the return of the stolen awards serves as a peculiar yet heartening twist in the ongoing saga, leaving many to ponder the motivations behind the burglars’ unexpected act of remorse.

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