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“Anurag Kashyap Expresses Surprise Over Actor’s Chef’s Daily Fee of ₹2 Lakh”

Anurag Kashyap Criticizes Lavish Demands in Bollywood: Outrageous Entourage Costs

Renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has sparked a debate in Bollywood by shedding light on the exorbitant costs associated with celebrities’ entourages. In a recent interview with Janice Sequeira, Kashyap expressed shock at the extravagant demands made by some actors and their teams, citing examples of excessive spending on chefs and luxury services.

Kashyap highlighted an incident where an actor’s chef reportedly charged a staggering ₹2 lakh per day for culinary services. He described the food as minuscule and questioned its nutritional value, likening it to birdfeed. “Is this food or birdfeed?” Kashyap quipped, emphasizing the absurdity of such extravagant expenses.

The filmmaker further recounted an episode where an actor insisted on having a burger from a specific five-star hotel, sending his driver on a three-hour round trip to fulfill the request. Kashyap humorously remarked that the burger would likely arrive cold by the time it reached the actor, highlighting the impracticality of some demands.

Expressing disdain for these practices, Kashyap criticized producers and their agents for allowing such extravagance on sets. He remarked that such demands do not occur on his sets, suggesting a need for greater scrutiny and control over expenses in the industry.

Kashyap’s sentiments were echoed by his longtime collaborator Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who lamented the lavish demands of some actors, including the possession of multiple vanity vans for various purposes. Siddiqui labeled these demands as “madness” and questioned the necessity of such opulence in the industry.

The discussion sparked by Kashyap and Siddiqui underscores ongoing debates about the cost structures and financial discipline within Bollywood. It raises questions about the accountability of actors and producers in managing expenses responsibly while ensuring a conducive working environment on film sets.

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