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“Zeenat Aman’s Surgery to Correct 40-Year-Old Eye Injury Revealed in Hospital Photos”

Zeenat Aman Overcomes 40-Year-Old Eye Injury with Surgery, Shares Hospital Photos

Zeenat Aman, the legendary Bollywood actress, has made headlines with her courageous decision to undergo surgery to address a 40-year-old eye injury known as ptosis. The renowned actress took to social media to share her heartfelt journey, expressing gratitude for the support she has received from the industry and her family.

In a candid note, Zeenat Aman revealed how the decades-old injury had started to affect her vision, compelling her to seek medical intervention. She also expressed her appreciation for colleagues who continued to work with her despite the changes in her appearance due to the injury.

The actress shared a poignant picture of her son, Zahaan, kissing her forehead before she headed to the operation theater, demonstrating the close bond between them. The surgery took place just a day after Zeenat had a photoshoot for a leading international magazine.

In her candid revelation about the eye injury, she explained, “There has been an elephant in the room with me for the past 40 years. It is time to show this elephant the door. I have a condition known as ptosis – the result of an injury I suffered many decades ago that damaged the muscles around my right eye. Over the years, it caused my eyelid to droop further and further. And a few years ago, it became so acute that it began to obstruct my vision.”

Zeenat went on to discuss the impact of her appearance on her career, stating, “When so much of one’s career is predicated on one’s appearance, coming to terms with a dramatic change to it is difficult. I know for a fact that this ptosis narrowed my opportunities and made me the subject of unwanted attention.”

The actress’s path to recovery began when she consulted an ophthalmologist in April this year, who informed her about a surgery that could lift her drooping eyelid. After contemplating the procedure and undergoing a battery of tests, Zeenat committed to the surgery, despite her initial fears.

In her reflection on the surgery day, Zeenat shared, “That morning in the hospital I was terrified. My extremities turned icy and involuntarily shivers racked my body. Zahaan kissed my forehead, reassured me, and wheeled me to the OT, where I surrendered to the hands of my medical team. I emerged from there an hour later – alive, well, and looking like a pirate with an eye patch. Recovery has been slow, steady and is ongoing. But I’m happy to share that my vision is so much clearer now.”

The Bollywood community and fans alike have rallied behind Zeenat Aman, showering her with words of encouragement and well wishes. Colleagues like Abhay Deol, Shweta Bachchan, and Kusha Kapila, as well as several others, expressed their support for the iconic actress’s recovery.

Zeenat Aman’s journey to overcome her 40-year-old eye injury serves as an inspiration and a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit. It highlights the importance of self-care and the enduring support of loved ones and colleagues in the world of show business.

The actress’s revelation about the origin of her eye injury, involving an incident with her former husband Sanjay Khan, adds a layer of courage to her story and underscores the importance of standing up against domestic violence.

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