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“Aamir Khan Joins Kamal Haasan’s Birthday Bash, Reunites with ‘Original Ghajini’ Suriya”

Aamir Khan Joins Kamal Haasan's Birthday Celebration in Chennai, Shares Frame with 'Original Ghajini' Suriya

Aamir Khan, the versatile Bollywood actor, made a noteworthy presence at Kamal Haasan’s birthday celebration in Chennai. While in the city to attend to his ailing mother’s medical treatment, Aamir marked his presence at the pre-birthday bash of the legendary actor Kamal Haasan, who turned 69 on Tuesday.

The celebratory event, held at a prominent Chennai hotel, was graced by the presence of several industry friends and colleagues. A highlight of the evening was the picture of Aamir Khan sharing the frame with Tamil actor Suriya, popularly known as the ‘Original Ghajini’ due to his role in the 2005 Tamil film “Ghajini,” which was later remade in Hindi starring Aamir Khan in the lead role.

The picture of Aamir and Suriya, both dressed in distinctive attire, has quickly become a sensation on social media. As the two actors posed with a guest at the event, Twitter users celebrated the reunion of the “Ghajini” stars. Aamir Khan’s fans were particularly delighted to see the two talented actors together again.

Reacting to their photo, a fan wrote, “Good to see them both,” while another commented, “Two megastars together.” The camaraderie between the actors was palpable in the photograph, and their fans expressed their excitement and admiration.

Director-actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban, who was among the guests at the party, also shared a memorable moment with Aamir Khan. In a heartfelt note accompanying their selfie, Parthiban spoke about his recent encounter with the Bollywood superstar. He expressed his admiration for Aamir’s work in Indian cinema and his awe-inspiring presence. Parthiban recounted how Aamir Khan had noticed him at Kamal Haasan’s birthday celebration and approached him with a friendly gesture.

Last month, Aamir Khan’s visit to Chennai made headlines as he chose to be with his ailing mother, Zeenat Hussain, who is undergoing medical treatment in the city. The actor, known for his strong bond with his mother, has been staying at a hotel close to the medical center where Zeenat is receiving care. Aamir’s dedication to his family has been widely appreciated by his fans and the public.

Aamir Khan’s surprise appearance at Kamal Haasan’s birthday celebration not only added a special touch to the event but also reminded fans of the enduring friendships and camaraderie within the film industry. The pictures from the party, especially the reunion of the “Ghajini” stars, have left fans eagerly awaiting more memorable moments from the world of cinema.

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