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“Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Delight Over Viral Video Featuring “Chaleya” Dance on Brooklyn Bridge”

Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Delight Over Viral Video Featuring "Chaleya" Dance on Brooklyn Bridge

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, recently shared his excitement and appreciation for a viral dance video that featured enthusiasts grooving to the hit song “Chaleya” from the film “Jawan.” The heartwarming video, set on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York, captured the attention of fans worldwide and, most notably, the man himself, Shah Rukh Khan.

“Chaleya,” the second song from “Jawan,” was released on August 14, and it didn’t take long for it to become a sensation on social media. People from all walks of life showcased their dancing talents with various choreographies inspired by the catchy track.

One particular video, initially shared on Instagram by user Samadnya K, quickly gained momentum. The video depicted two women dancing to “Chaleya” on the Brooklyn Bridge, attracting the interest of passersby who joined in the joyful dance. As the performance reached its conclusion, the surrounding crowd erupted into applause, celebrating the spontaneous dance celebration.

The video’s journey to fame didn’t stop there. It made its way to the Twitter platform, specifically to the Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club, and it didn’t take long for it to capture the actor’s attention. Shah Rukh Khan was so impressed by the video that he retweeted it with a heartfelt caption. He expressed his admiration, saying, “This is amazing! Thank you for bringing #Chaleya to Brooklyn Bridge, girls! Love you.” His tweet quickly garnered over 1.6 lakh views, with more than 4,600 people liking and engaging with the heartwarming gesture.

The video’s impact didn’t end with the retweet, as fans and viewers shared their excitement and gratitude for the Bollywood legend’s acknowledgment. Many expressed their astonishment and joy at the fact that Shah Rukh Khan had seen the video and shared it with his followers.

Reactions to the Dance Video

  • “Outstanding,” posted one individual.
  • “Besties have been blessed by the king himself,” wrote another.
  • A third comment read, “That’s my sister. Oh my god. Thank you Shah Rukh Khan!”
  • “I genuinely don’t know how to process the fact that SHAH RUKH KHAN saw my sister’s video. OMG,” shared a fourth.

The heartwarming viral video not only showcased the universal appeal of Shah Rukh Khan’s music but also demonstrated the power of dance and shared joy transcending boundaries.

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