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“Rajinikanth and Mohan Babu Celebrate Their Enduring Friendship in Heartfelt Photo: ‘Friendship is Life'”

Rajinikanth and Mohan Babu Showcase Decades-Long Friendship in Candid Photo: ‘Friendship is Life’

Rajinikanth recently arrived in Hyderabad after attending Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s wedding. He was accompanied by his long-time friend and fellow actor, Mohan Babu. Mohan Babu shared a candid photo on X (formerly Twitter), capturing a heartwarming moment between the two.

In the picture, Rajinikanth is seen playfully holding Mohan Babu’s chin and smiling. Mohan Babu captioned the photo in Telugu, “Then now forever friendship is life,” highlighting the enduring bond between the two stars.

Their camaraderie was also visible in a recent paparazzi video, showing the duo chatting animatedly while riding a buggy at the airport. Both actors were in Chennai for Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Nicholai Sachdev’s wedding.

Rajinikanth and Mohan Babu’s friendship dates back to the early days of their careers. They have co-starred in several films, including Dharma Yudhham, Peddarayudu, and Annai Oru Aalayam. In 2021, Mohan Babu’s daughter, Lakshmi Manchu, shared nostalgic photos of the two, reminiscing about their journey from humble beginnings to becoming superstars.

Lakshmi Manchu wrote on X, “From sharing one by two teas, to spending time in car sheds and coming from super humble backgrounds. Today they are superstars in their own right but still find time to be with each other, calling each other when they know one of them is going through some tough time.” She added, “Over the years, friendship has a different meaning for me… But looking at these two gives me such hope for continued friendship.”

On the professional front, Rajinikanth is gearing up for his role in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Coolie, which will start filming soon. He has recently wrapped up shooting for TJ Gnanavel’s Vettaiyan. Mohan Babu is set to appear in Mukesh Kumar Singh’s Kannappa.

Their enduring friendship continues to inspire fans, proving that true bonds can withstand the test of time and success.

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