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“Raj Kundra Unveils Letters and Notes from His Time Behind Bars”

Raj Kundra Shares Letters and Notes from Jail as He Gears up for 'UT69' Release

Raj Kundra, the businessman and actor who is currently in the spotlight for his upcoming film ‘UT69,’ has given fans a peek into his life behind bars by sharing a picture of letters and notes he received during his time in jail. The film, directed by Shahnawaz Ali, revolves around the story of how Raj Kundra’s character lands in jail on charges related to the production of pornographic content. ‘UT69’ is slated for release on November 3.

In an Instagram Stories post, Raj Kundra uploaded a snapshot featuring envelopes addressed to him, complete with his name and jail cell details. A paper cutting of his wife, actress Shilpa Shetty, and their son Viaan was also visible in the photograph. The text on the image read, “Going through my letters and notes from jail,” offering an intimate glimpse into Kundra’s experiences during his time in confinement.

Earlier this month, Raj Kundra released the first motion poster for ‘UT69,’ giving a glimpse of his foray into acting. Alongside the poster, he wrote, “From crowded cells to unforgettable sleepovers.! Unveiling the first motion poster of our film UT69.” The film’s narrative appears to explore the journey of his character from imprisonment to eventual freedom.

Kundra also shared insights into how his wife, Shilpa Shetty, initially reacted to his decision to venture into acting. Speaking to News18, he recalled the moment he approached her with the news. “She [Shilpa Shetty] was a few feet away from me when I decided to tell her that I am making a film. I didn’t want to go too close to her. I told her that I have a script and was waiting for her answer. When I turned away from her, a flying chappal came at my face. I think she thought that the idea was a little dicey at first. Maybe she thought that the film wouldn’t get made.”

However, Kundra and director Shahnawaz Ali were able to alleviate Shilpa Shetty’s concerns. He explained, “Shahnawaz Ali gave her a very small narration. She thought about it and realised that it wasn’t about the case of against the system in any way. She felt it was a very human story. She was very supportive. She asked me, ‘Tu acting kar lega (will you be able to act)?’ I told her that I will be able to since I have done some method acting by going to jail.”

As the release date of ‘UT69’ approaches, Raj Kundra’s journey from prison to the silver screen is generating significant interest and anticipation among movie enthusiasts and his supporters.

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