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“Priyanka Chopra’s Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Cousin Parineeti Chopra”

Priyanka Chopra Shares Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Cousin Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, known for her international stardom, recently took to Instagram to extend heartfelt birthday greetings to her cousin Parineeti Chopra, who turned 35 on a special Sunday. The celebratory post featured a heartwarming throwback picture from one of their birthday celebrations, emphasizing the deep bond between the two talented actresses.

In the Instagram story shared by Priyanka Chopra, a beautiful moment from her own birthday celebration last year was revisited. The image captured Priyanka and Parineeti in joyful spirits, radiating warmth and affection. In the picture, Priyanka was dressed in a cheerful yellow outfit, while Parineeti donned a short white dress adorned with Priyanka’s yellow hairband, a symbol of their close connection.

Addressing her cousin affectionately by her nickname, “Tisha,” Priyanka conveyed her birthday wishes with a heartfelt message. She wrote, “Happiest birthday Tisha. Hope you’re surrounded by so much love and joy today and always.” This heartfelt gesture resonated with fans and followers, underlining the close relationship between the Chopra cousins.

Priyanka and Parineeti, despite a six-year age gap, share a strong and supportive bond. Priyanka fondly calls Parineeti ‘Tisha,’ and in return, Parineeti affectionately refers to her elder cousin as ‘Mimi didi.’

While Priyanka could not attend Parineeti’s wedding celebration in Udaipur in September, she made sure to be a part of the special moments through heartfelt posts and well-wishes. Priyanka left a heartfelt comment on Parineeti’s wedding post and shared images of the bride and groom, welcoming Raghav Chadha to the Chopra family with love and blessings.

In a prior post ahead of the wedding, Priyanka expressed her happiness for Parineeti and wished her a beautiful journey as a bride. Parineeti reciprocated the love on Priyanka’s 41st birthday by sharing a picture from her engagement ceremony, expressing gratitude for her cousin’s love and support.

Their dynamic as supportive cousins shines through, both in times of celebration and milestones in their lives. Their endearing connection and affection continue to be celebrated by fans and the entertainment industry.

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