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“Pippa Review: Ishaan Khatter’s Stellar Performance Shines in a Thoughtful War Drama”

"Pippa Review: Ishaan Khatter Shines in a Thoughtful War Drama"

In the much-anticipated war drama “Pippa,” Ishaan Khatter delivers a compelling performance, steering clear of the shallow bravado often associated with Bollywood war movies. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, the film intricately weaves a narrative of battlefield valour, emphasizing the human aspect of war.

Refreshing Realism: “Pippa” stands out for avoiding typical Bollywood war movie tropes. Director Raja Krishna Menon grounds the action in believability, portraying soldiers and revolutionaries as authentic individuals facing personal challenges amid their mission. The film takes its time to develop, delivering a nuanced portrayal of battlefield courage without resorting to shallow bravado.

Humanity Over Patriotism: Produced by Ronnie Screwvala’s RSVP and Siddharth Roy Kapur’s Roy Kapur Films, “Pippa” places a just cause and the people fighting for it at the forefront. The story revolves around three siblings during the landmark Battle of Garibpur in November 1971. The film explores their roles in the war – two army boys and their spirited sister, recruited by India’s spy agency for a vital mission.

A War Film with Heart: While “Pippa” has its imperfections, it succeeds in maintaining a tone that avoids jingoism. The film skillfully addresses violence, courage, and death, with battle scenes central to the narrative. The 1971 Indo-Pak war serves as a backdrop, aiming to birth a new nation. The film’s focus on camaraderie and the human cost of war sets it apart from conventional military action films.

Impressive Performances: Ishaan Khatter leads the cast, portraying the impetuous soldier Balli. The film’s narrative unfolds through his perspective, offering a glimpse into the internal challenges faced by soldiers. Mrunal Thakur and Priyanshu Painyuli provide solid support, contributing to the film’s overall impact.

Cinematic Craftsmanship: “Pippa” is notable for its restrained approach, even during intense battle scenes. Cinematographer Priya Seth and editor Hemanti Sarkar, both women, bring a tactile texture and contemplative rhythm to the film. Their contributions, along with the thoughtful direction, elevate “Pippa” beyond typical war dramas.

Conclusion: “Pippa” emerges as a war film that captivates without overwhelming the senses. With a focus on genuine human experiences, familial bonds, and the complexities of war, the movie offers a refreshing perspective on a historical event that shaped the subcontinent forever.

As audiences await the release of “Pippa,” the film promises to be a cinematic journey that transcends traditional war film conventions, inviting viewers to witness a war story told with authenticity and heart.

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