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“Miss Perfect Review: A Breezy Yet Predictable Rom-Com Series Lacking Novelty”

"Miss Perfect Review: A Breezy Yet Predictable Rom-Com Series Lacking Novelty"

In the realm of Telugu web series, Disney+ Hotstar’s latest offering, “Miss Perfect,” directed by Vishwak Kanderao and starring Lavanya Tripathi, Abhijeet Duddala, and Abhignya Vuthaluru, has hit the screens with a breezy yet somewhat lackluster rom-com. The eight-episode series, ranging from 20 to 26 minutes each, revolves around Lavanya Rao (Lavanya), a woman with an obsession for cleanliness that inadvertently leads her into a comedy of errors during the Covid-19 lockdown.

While the initial premise sets the stage for a promising narrative about a woman grappling with borderline OCD and the unpredictable situations it lands her in, the execution falls short of expectations. The storyline leans heavily on Lavanya’s penchant for white lies rather than delving into the potential humor arising from her cleanliness obsession. As a result, the series becomes rather predictable, missing the opportunity to explore its full comedic potential.

The characters in “Miss Perfect” contribute to the series’ sidetracks, introducing Jyothi (Abhignya), a budding singer with dreams and debts, Jyothi’s influencer brother (Harsh Roshan), Lavanya’s father Gokul (Harshavardhan), and building secretary Rajalakshmi (Jhansi), who might be harboring a secret. While not all of these subplots hit the mark, some allow the series to shine in certain moments.

Despite the lackluster plot, Lavanya Tripathi manages to infuse vulnerability and relatability into her character, making it charming to watch. The chemistry between Lavanya and Abhijeet is commendable, though the audience may wish for more depth in their love story. Abhignya Vuthaluru steals the spotlight with a seamless portrayal of Jyothi, bringing depth to her character even when the series takes a detour to tell her story.

While the performances hold up well, “Miss Perfect” as a whole falls into the category of a safe offering. In an era dominated by web series loaded with expletives, this Telugu rom-com takes viewers back to a time reminiscent of family-friendly shows like “Okka Chinna Family Story” and “Muddapappu Avakai.” Despite its shortcomings in utilizing the lead character’s quirks for more laughs, the series remains a watchable option, especially for those seeking a family-friendly binge-watching experience.

In conclusion, “Miss Perfect” may not bring a fresh perspective to the rom-com genre, but its engaging performances and family-friendly appeal make it worth considering for viewers looking for a lighter option in the world of Telugu web series.

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