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Meet 20 Rising Authors Of 2022 -Ketan Harsora

Ketan Harsora from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is head of Gujarat State from (SWANTANTRA HIT NEWS & MEDIA)

He is a very enthusiastic person in the field of writing the story and Novels, with a very frankly nature. He has completed his Post Graduation in Commerce stream. He is very creative and innocent by nature and heart. In writing the book he is fabulous. His future goal is to become an MLA of Gujarat. He is very attractive and likes to play chess.

He is Animal Lover and He Wants to become a SUN who gives light to every people’s life. His aim is to open his own news channel and newspaper in near future.

”Variations on the Word Love,”

“Then there’s the two

of us. This word

is far too short for us, it has only

four letters, too sparse

to fill those deep bare

vacuums between the stars

that press on us with their deafness.

It’s not love we don’t wish

to fall into, but that fear.

this word is not enough but it will

have to do. It’s a single

the vowel in this metallic

silence, a mouth that says

O again and again in wonder

and pain, a breath, a finger

the grip on a cliffside. You can hold on or let go.”



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