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Gujarat High Court Halts Release of Junaid Khan’s Debut Film “Maharaj” Following Hindu Group’s Plea

Gujarat High Court Stays Release of Aamir Khan's Son Junaid Khan's Debut Film 'Maharaj' After Plea from Hindu Group

In a significant development, the Gujarat High Court has issued a stay order on the release of ‘Maharaj’, the debut film of Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid Khan. The decision comes after a plea by a Hindu group expressing concerns that the movie could incite violence.

According to a report by India Today, the plea was filed by devotees of Lord Krishna and followers of Vallabhacharya, representing the Pushtimarg sect. The petition argues that ‘Maharaj’, which revolves around the historical Maharaj Libel Case of 1862, could disrupt public order and provoke violence against the sect’s followers. The petition further claims that the film contains blasphemous comments against Lord Krishna and sacred devotional songs.

Justice Sangeeta Vishen of the Gujarat High Court responded to the petition by passing an interim order to stay the release of the movie in any form. The court has scheduled a hearing on the matter for June 18.

The film, directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, features Jaideep Ahlawat alongside Junaid Khan. The plot centers on Karsandas Mulji, a journalist and social reformer known for advocating women’s rights and social reforms in the 19th century. The film highlights the landmark Maharaj Libel Case, ignited by allegations of misconduct against a prominent figure, which drew widespread attention and scrutiny in 1862.

The controversy has been exacerbated by the film’s lack of promotional materials, including a trailer, which the petitioners claim has limited public access to the story and potentially hurt religious sentiments. The case’s historical context adds to its sensitivity, given its impact on legal and social reforms in colonial India.

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