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“Get Ready for the Chills: Ajay Devgn, Madhavan, and Jyotika Unleash Hair-Raising Teaser for ‘Shaitaan’ Ahead of March 8 Release”

Ajay Devgn, Madhavan, and Jyotika Unveil Spine-Chilling Teaser for Supernatural Thriller "Shaitaan"

In a spine-chilling revelation, the makers of the highly anticipated supernatural thriller “Shaitaan” have released an eerie teaser, providing a glimpse into the world of evil spirits, black magic, and paranormal mysteries. Scheduled to hit theaters on March 8, the film stars powerhouse actors Ajay Devgn, Madhavan, and Jyotika in pivotal roles.

The nearly two-minute teaser opens with a haunting narration by Madhavan, who appears to be essaying the role of the antagonist. The actor introduces himself with an air of malevolence, setting the tone for the supernatural narrative. Against the backdrop of a mysterious house adorned with burning candles and unsettling sketches on the walls, Madhavan’s ominous words in Hindi resonate, promising a tale filled with sinister prayers and forbidden spells.

“They say the world is deaf. And yet they follow every word of mine. I am the darkness. I am the bowl of temptation. Sinister prayers…forbidden spells. I rule the nine circles of hell. I am the poison. I am the cure. I am the silent witness to everything that time has endured. I am the night. I am the twilight. I am the universe. I create, I sustain, I destroy, beware. They say there is no one I choose to spare. There is a game. Do you want to play? It has only one rule…No matter what I say you must not be tempted,” declares Madhavan in the teaser.

The chilling video further reveals glimpses of Ajay Devgn and Jyotika, both evidently horrified by the supernatural occurrences around them. The teaser crescendos with Madhavan flashing a sinister smile, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Ajay Devgn shared the teaser on his Instagram, cautioning, “Woh poochega tumse… ek khel hai, kheloge? Par uske behkaave mein mat aana! Shaitaan Teaser is out now! Taking over cinemas on 8th March 2024.”

R Madhavan and Jyotika also shared the teaser, echoing the ominous warnings and intriguing viewers with the promise of a thrilling cinematic experience. The first look poster, unveiled earlier, features Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan, and Jyotika in a state of fear, surrounded by voodoo dolls, setting the stage for a spellbinding tale.

As “Shaitaan” prepares to cast its enchantment on audiences, the film is set to captivate viewers with its supernatural narrative, promising an enthralling theatrical experience when it releases on March 8, 2024.

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