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“Financial Struggles Continue for Devashish Makhija Despite ‘Joram’ Awards: ‘I’m Facing Bankruptcy'”

"Director Devashish Makhija Opens Up About Financial Struggles Despite Critical Acclaim for 'Joram' and Other Films"

Filmmaker Devashish Makhija, known for his acclaimed works like “Ajji” and Manoj Bajpayee-starrers “Bhonsle” and “Joram,” recently revealed his financial challenges despite receiving awards and recognition for his films. In a candid interview with Pranav Chokhani, Devashish expressed his distress over not making any profits from his movies and admitted to facing bankruptcy.

Despite the critical acclaim and accolades received by his films, including “Joram,” which won awards at prestigious film festivals, Devashish disclosed that he has struggled to make ends meet and has been unable to pay rent for the past five months. He stated, “I have not made money off any of my films. I struggle to pay rent. Because ‘Joram’ didn’t make any of its money back, I am bankrupt.”

Devashish, who has several scripts ready but faces difficulties finding producers willing to invest in his projects, highlighted the challenges of balancing artistic integrity with commercial success in the film industry. His directorial debut, “Ajji,” made on a modest budget, failed to perform well at the box office despite critical acclaim. Similarly, “Bhonsle” and “Joram,” despite being screened at major film festivals and featuring renowned actors like Manoj Bajpayee, also struggled to recover their production costs.

Speaking about his realization regarding the need for a balance between art and commerce in filmmaking, Devashish expressed regret at not recognizing this sooner in his career. At present, he faces financial constraints to the extent that he cannot even afford to buy a bicycle.

“Joram,” a gripping survival thriller backed by Zee Studios and starring Manoj Bajpayee, received accolades such as the Best Film (Critics) at the 69th Filmfare Awards and a Best Writing in Feature Film honor at the Critics Choice Awards. Despite these achievements, the financial hardships faced by Devashish Makhija shed light on the challenges and realities of the film industry, where critical acclaim does not always translate into financial stability for filmmakers.

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