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“Fardeen Khan Reacts to Zeenat Aman’s Account of Salary Deduction by Feroz Khan in ‘Qurbani'”

Fardeen Khan Responds to Zeenat Aman's Revelation on Feroz Khan Deducting Her Pay during 'Qurbani'

Veteran actor Zeenat Aman’s recent Instagram post detailing an incident from the sets of the 1980 film ‘Qurbani,’ where she reminisced about director Feroz Khan cutting her salary, has drawn a response from Feroz’s son, Fardeen Khan.

In her post, Aman recalled rejecting an initial offer from Feroz Khan due to the role being secondary. However, upon Feroz’s insistence for the lead role, she eventually joined the cast. She recounted an instance where her late arrival on set due to a late-night party incurred Feroz Khan’s ire, leading to a deduction from her pay.

Responding to Aman’s revelation, Fardeen Khan took to his Instagram Stories, light-heartedly remarking, “if it’s any consolation, family wasn’t spared either. We just received the standard family discount of 25%.” He added that his father would have appreciated Aman’s post and found humor in it.

Zeenat Aman’s recollection shed light on Feroz Khan’s charisma and professionalism on set, acknowledging his influence on her work ethic and praising his directorial skills. Despite the incident, Aman fondly remembered ‘Qurbani’ as one of her favorite projects, highlighting Feroz Khan’s suavity and charm.

‘Qurbani,’ directed by Feroz Khan, featured Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, and Amjad Khan among others. The film delved into themes of friendship, betrayal, and revenge, garnering commercial success upon its release.

The episode shared by Zeenat Aman serves as a glimpse into the dynamics on the sets of ‘Qurbani’ and portrays Feroz Khan’s persona as a talented actor-director. The interaction between Fardeen Khan and Aman, reminiscing about incidents from the past, resonated with followers, with Aman acknowledging Fardeen’s response with a purple heart emoji.

The playful exchange between the two actors offers a nostalgic glimpse into the behind-the-scenes camaraderie while highlighting the enduring legacy of ‘Qurbani’ in Indian cinema.

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