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“Arbaaz Khan Criticizes Ex-Girlfriend Giorgia Andriani’s Public Comments on Their Breakup: Calls Them ‘Inappropriate'”

Arbaaz Khan Addresses Ex-Girlfriend Giorgia Andriani's Comments on Their Breakup: Calls It 'Inappropriate'

Actor Arbaaz Khan has recently spoken out about his ex-girlfriend Giorgia Andriani’s public statements regarding their past relationship, expressing his discomfort with her openness about their breakup, particularly in light of his recent marriage.

Arbaaz Khan, who tied the knot with Shura Khan in December last year, felt it was ‘inappropriate’ for Giorgia Andriani to discuss their relationship before his marriage. In a recent interview with Indian Express, he expressed his disappointment, stating that their relationship had ended two years prior to him meeting Shura.

While Giorgia Andriani had previously shared insights about their breakup, stating that it was a mutual decision, Arbaaz Khan believes she crossed a line by discussing their past relationship publicly. He emphasized that their romantic involvement had ended long before he met his current wife, Shura Khan, and clarified that there was no overlap between his previous relationship with Giorgia and his subsequent relationship with Shura.

Arbaaz Khan expressed frustration at the misconception created by Giorgia Andriani’s interviews, which implied a seamless transition from his past relationship to his current marriage. He underscored the importance of clarifying the timeline to dispel any misunderstandings about the nature of his relationships.

Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani began dating in 2018, with news of their breakup emerging in 2023. Giorgia had previously acknowledged their differing personalities and the inevitable end of their relationship. Despite their breakup, she admitted to having lingering feelings for Arbaaz.

In light of Arbaaz Khan’s recent comments, it’s evident that he values privacy and discretion regarding his personal life, particularly concerning past relationships. As he embarks on this new chapter with his wife Shura Khan, Arbaaz remains focused on his present and future, leaving behind any lingering discussions about his past romantic entanglements.

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