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Amid Rumours Of Nayanthara And Atlee’s Rift, Shah Rukh Khan Says Narmada “Couldn’t Find More Screen Time”

"Shah Rukh Khan Acknowledges Narmada's Impact as a Single Mom in 'Jawan' Amid Rumors of Director-Actor Discord"

Shah Rukh Khan, in the wake of the immense success of his recent film ‘Jawan,’ engaged with fans in an Ask Me Anything session on X (formerly Twitter) where he addressed various questions with his signature wit. However, one of his responses drew attention amid ongoing rumors of discord between director Atlee and leading lady Nayanthara.

During the session, a fan praised the portrayal of Azad’s bond with Suji and the subtle depiction of a single mom’s storyline, represented by Nayanthara’s character, Narmada, in the film. The fan’s message read, “I loved Azad’s bond with Suji …the single mom storyline was so subtly done and really refreshing. Thank you for representing women from all walks of life. Love you Shah.”

In response, Shah Rukh Khan acknowledged the significance of Narmada’s character, stating, “I also felt that the story of Narmada as a single mom was amazing. Unfortunately, in the scheme of things, couldn’t find more screen time but as it was also wonderful.”

The context behind this interaction revolves around reports suggesting discord between director Atlee and Nayanthara, stemming from alleged edits to Nayanthara’s role in the film. According to Hindustan Times, Nayanthara was reportedly upset about her role being reduced in the final cut while Deepika Padukone’s character was given more prominence. Deepika had a “special appearance” in the film as Vikram Rathod’s (played by SRK) wife, which some sources claim made the film appear as more of an SRK-Deepika project than originally intended.

The report cites a source explaining Nayanthara’s perspective, saying, “Nayanthara is the leading actor down south, and hence, she was not happy with the treatment of ‘Jawan.’ And that can never well be the reason why we might not see her in a Bollywood project, at least not anytime soon.”

Regarding Nayanthara’s absence from promotional events and success press meets, the source clarified that the actress follows a “no promotion policy” due to past negative experiences and her belief that her primary role is to act, not engage in promotional activities.

Despite these reports, Nayanthara recently wished director Atlee a happy birthday on social media, sharing a behind-the-scenes picture and expressing her pride in his accomplishments. Additionally, she couldn’t attend the ‘Jawan’ press meet due to her mother’s birthday but sent a virtual message to congratulate the cast and crew.

As speculations and discussions continue, Shah Rukh Khan’s acknowledgment of Narmada’s role and the impact of her character highlights the importance of diverse and meaningful portrayals in cinema.

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