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“Aishwarya Rajinikanth Shares Shocking Loss of 21 Days’ Shooting Footage for ‘Lal Salaam'”

Aishwarya Rajinikanth Reveals Challenges Faced During the Making of "Lal Salaam"

Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the director of the film “Lal Salaam,” recently opened up about the difficulties encountered during its production, shedding light on a significant setback that impacted the project’s outcome. In an interview with Cinema Viketan, she disclosed the loss of approximately 21 days’ worth of shooting footage, attributing it to what she described as “irresponsibility.”

Expressing her shock at the situation, Rajinikanth revealed, “We were shocked that something like this could happen… It is very true that we lost a lot of footage.” The lost footage included scenes from a cricket match sequence, shot with a ten-camera setup, intended to emulate a real cricket match. However, the team missed capturing footage from all twenty cameras, rendering reshoots impossible due to changes in the appearance of key cast members.

Despite the setbacks, Rajinikanth and her team persevered, re-editing the film with whatever footage remained. She acknowledged the challenges faced during this process, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of the cast and crew, including Vishnu and her father, Rajinikanth.

Addressing the criticism received by “Lal Salaam,” Rajinikanth remained steadfast in her satisfaction as a learner and filmmaker. She defended the decision to adopt a non-linear narrative structure, citing the simplicity of the story and her personal understanding of the audience’s perspective. Rajinikanth expressed gratitude for both criticism and appreciation, viewing them as opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

“Lal Salaam” premiered on February 9 alongside the film “Lover,” starring Manikandan. Despite facing tough competition from the Malayalam film “Manjummel Boys,” Rajinikanth’s film struggled to maintain its momentum at the box office, experiencing a decline in performance.

As Rajinikanth reflects on the challenges and reception of “Lal Salaam,” she remains committed to her journey as a filmmaker, embracing lessons learned and striving for continuous improvement in her craft.

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