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“Actress Rubina Dilaik Reveals Pregnancy with Twins, Shares Journey of Surprises and Challenges”

Actress Rubina Dilaik Reveals She's Expecting Twins, Recounts Journey of Surprise and Challenges

Celebrity couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, three months after announcing their pregnancy, have shared the delightful news of expecting twins. Rubina disclosed the news in her vlog, recounting the surprising moment of discovering they were having twins and the challenges she’s faced throughout her pregnancy journey.

During the premiere episode of her show, “Kisi Ne Bataya Nahi The Mamacado Show,” Rubina dedicated a segment to mothers carrying multiple babies. She candidly shared, “We are expecting twins,” emphasizing that each pregnancy journey is unique and advising expectant mothers to seek guidance from their doctors.

Rubina reminisced about the initial revelation of expecting twins, recalling Abhinav’s stunned reaction and their speechless ride home due to the overwhelming news. She expressed the challenges of absorbing the double surprise, admitting it took time for the realization to sink in.

The couple refrained from sharing the news for the first three months, abiding by their doctor’s cautious advice due to the inherent risks associated with multiple pregnancies. The stress of this precautionary period was immense, yet they finally revealed the news after ensuring the twins’ health was secure.

Amidst this sensitive phase, Rubina encountered a distressing car accident post the first trimester, which heightened her fears for the well-being of her unborn babies. An emergency sonography was arranged to ensure the safety of the twins, adding to the intensity of her pregnancy journey.

Despite facing difficulties and health-related challenges, Rubina chose to limit the disclosure of her pregnancy, preferring to inform only immediate family members. In her vlog, she candidly discusses the hardships associated with her pregnancy and the emotional turmoil she endured.

Initially planning for a guest appearance on her show, Rubina adapted to a last-minute change and shared her personal journey, turning the episode into an impromptu solo discussion about her pregnancy challenges.

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