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A Quiet Place: Day One Review – Lupita Nyong’o Shines in This Heart-Pounding Prequel

A Quiet Place: Day One - Lupita Nyong'o Shines in Thrilling Prequel

The highly anticipated prequel to John Krasinski’s acclaimed franchise, A Quiet Place: Day One, has hit the screens, and it’s nothing short of riveting. Directed by Michael Sarnoski, the film offers a searing portrait of human resilience and the terrifying sound of silence, set against the backdrop of New York City during the initial invasion of the noise-detecting Death Angels.

Lupita Nyong’o stars as Sam, a terminally ill patient at a care center, whose emotional depth and silent strength anchor the film. Nyong’o’s portrayal is hauntingly powerful, using her expressive eyes and body language to convey fear and trauma without uttering a word. Her performance mirrors Emily Blunt’s role in the original films, but the urban setting of New York City adds a new layer of urgency and relatability.

The film opens with a reflection on New York’s characteristic noise, ending with Sam’s poignant observation that “the city can be heard when one is quiet.” This commentary on noise pollution underscores the film’s setting, contrasting the usual romanticized portrayal of NYC with its blaring sounds and chaotic hustle.

Production designer Simon Bowles masterfully transforms the vibrant city into a post-apocalyptic graveyard, strewn with remnants of its lively past. The visual storytelling is striking, as Sam navigates the desolate streets with a white “I heart NYC” tote bag, symbolizing both her connection to the city and its current desolation.

Unlike the previous installments, A Quiet Place: Day One focuses on humanity’s initial encounters with the Death Angels. The characters, including Sam and her fellow New Yorkers, must adapt on the fly, learning to use natural sounds to their advantage. This raw struggle for survival brings a fresh excitement to the franchise, highlighting human ingenuity and the value of our other senses when voices are silenced.

The film emphasizes the importance of strangers coming together in times of crisis. Joseph Quinn’s character, Eric, a law student from London, becomes an unexpected ally to Sam, helping her fulfill her final wishes. Their bond, beginning with her cat and extending to shared experiences of her past, adds emotional depth to the story.

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn and Alex Wolff, who plays Sam’s nurse Reuben, contribute significantly to the film’s tension and humanity. Quinn’s youthful charm contrasts with Wolff’s palpable fear, crafting a narrative of survival, connection, and the power of human spirit.

In essence, A Quiet Place: Day One transcends typical dystopian tropes by grounding its story in one of the world’s most iconic cities. The urban setting, combined with stellar performances and a gripping plot, makes the film pulsating, immediate, and intensely relatable. When the characters finally release their pent-up screams amidst the chaos, the audience feels both their throbbing frustration and the cathartic relief of breaking the silence.

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