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A Glimpse into the World of Tarot: 10 Leading Card Readers

A Glimpse into the World of Tarot: 10 Leading Card Readers

Embark on a mystical exploration with the top 10 tarot card readers, masters of divination. From unraveling the past to illuminating the future, these gifted individuals blend intuition and storytelling to guide seekers. Join us as we spotlight the essence of their skill and spiritual wisdom in the world of tarot.

1. Divya Sharma

Divya Sharma, known as Tarot BY TJ, boasts over a decade of experience in the world of Tarot reading. With a vast clientele exceeding 30,000 individuals, her reputation as a trusted advisor precedes her. Divya’s influence extends beyond her readings; she has imparted her knowledge to approximately 500 students. Beyond Tarot, she possesses a diverse skill set, including expertise in Lama Fera Healings, Gemology, Crystal Healing, Quantum and Theta Healings, Rootwork, Numerology, and Vastu. Her multifaceted approach to metaphysical arts makes her a sought-after practitioner in the realm of spiritual guidance and holistic well-being.

Instagram :- @tarotbytj


2. Divya Jatolia

Divya Jatolia, a seasoned practitioner in the world of the occult, boasts an impressive journey spanning three years. With a diverse skill set that includes Tarot reading, Numerology, Angel Therapy, Reiki Healing, Money Reiki, and White Spell Casting, she has touched the lives of over 3000 clients. Her dedication and expertise have earned her prestigious accolades, such as the FSIA Award and the Sita Jyotish Award for the Best Tarot Reader in Delhi. Divya’s commitment to her craft and her remarkable ability to guide and heal through the mystical arts have solidified her reputation as a renowned and award-winning practitioner in the field of spirituality and well-being.

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/divineloveforyou111

3. Tanu Kaushal

Tanu Kaushal, the guiding force behind Divine Heart Journeys, is a revered Spiritual Healer and Wellness Coach specializing in mind, body, and soul healing. With a diverse range of expertise, Tanu offers transformative courses and solutions addressing various life aspects. From Tarot and Angel Cards Reading to Ramal Shastra and Dice Predictions, her mastery extends across multiple predictive arts. As an Akashic Records and Shamanic Healing Master, she delves into soul healing, re-merging fragments, and unlocking manifestation secrets. Tanu’s credentials span Magnified Healing, Vastu-Energy Healing, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and more. Join her on Saturdays and Wednesdays for free online healing sessions, and explore the realms of spirituality on Instagram (@divineheartjourneys) and Facebook (Divine Heart Journeys). Visit www.DivineHeartJourneys.com for a profound journey from the heart to soul.

4. Harshita Kaur Sabharwal

Harshita Kaur Sabharwal, a devoted advocate of the magical potential within us, embarked on her healing journey in school, combatting migraines and skin issues. The allure of the occult captivated her at 14 through Linda Goodman’s astrological insights. As a spectator in her own life, she explored Raga Chikitsa, Vipassana, Isha Yoga, and mastered tarot and numerology. Harshita, now delving into Vedic astrology, orchestrates holistic tarot sessions, blending numerology and Vedic wisdom. A practitioner of crystal healing and Access Bars, she champions meditation and chakra balance, emphasizing the profound impact of unhindered energy flow on life’s journey. Harshita ,a marketeer turned healer with a master’s in comms and psychology envisions everyone embracing the power of self-healing for a fuller, empowered life.

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/harshitaksabharwal

5. Dr. Arya Sharma

Dr. Arya Sharma, a multifaceted professional, excels in dentistry and psychology, seamlessly blending traditional expertise with spiritual insights. As the founder of Tarotguide services, Dr. Sharma leverages her intuitive card reading skills, emphasizing mental health guidance. Her empowering teachings aim to unlock individuals’ potential, fostering personal and spiritual growth. Offering one-on-one sessions at ₹3000 and couple’s readings at ₹6000, she extends her expertise via email (aryasharma1245@gmail.com), Google bookings under “Tarotguide,” and Instagram (@tarot_tooodles)Whatsapp No- 7000387506 . Dr. Arya Sharma’s holistic approach harmonizes medical and spiritual realms, providing clarity and direction to those navigating life’s complexities.

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/tarot_tooodles

6. Vinay Kumar Tripathi

Vinay Kumar Tripathi, an accomplished professional, currently serves as an Associate Director at a renowned multinational corporation. Hailing from Lucknow and residing in Noida, he possesses a rich blend of expertise in various fields. Vinay is a certified Tarot Master, recognized by the All India Astrologer Associations, and holds a postgraduate diploma in Vastu, specializing in flat Vastu consultation. With his profound knowledge and spiritual insights, he also offers Tarot consultations and serves as a spiritual guide, assisting individuals in their quest for clarity and guidance. Vinay’s multifaceted talents have made him a trusted advisor in matters of destiny, energy, and harmony.

• Book link – https://amzn.eu/d/5rqcvbN

7. Shikhaa M Thakur

Shikhaa M Thakur, a seasoned occultist with 15 years of expertise, seamlessly navigates the realms of mysticism. Her diverse modalities, including tarot, reiki, soul reading, automatic writing, mediumship, past life reading, psychic abilities, cosmic healing, Hoodoo, black magic removal, and tantra, reflect a profound connection with the metaphysical. Shikhaa’s mastery extends to deciphering the cosmic energies that surround individuals, providing insights into their past, present, and future. Her proficiency in Hoodoo and black magic removal showcases a dedication to spiritual cleansing and protection. Through a unique blend of ancient practices and intuitive gifts, Shikhaa guides seekers on a transformative journey, unlocking the mysteries of the unseen world with wisdom and compassion.

Instagram:- https://instagram.com/tarotwithshikhaa

8. Dr. Sana Ali

Dr. Sana, a multifaceted individual, seamlessly blends her extensive medical knowledge with a profound spiritual journey. With 7 years of experience in Tarot and psychic abilities, she has successfully guided 15k individuals toward clarity and purpose. As a Tarot card reader, Angel card reader, Reiki healer, Vastu expert, and Spiritual coach, her expertise spans 12 spiritual modalities. Driven by a passion for helping others, her effective and modern solutions provide deep insights, steering individuals toward their goals. With a background in medicine, Dr. Sana uniquely combines science and spirituality to illuminate the path to fulfillment.

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/tarotby_dr.sana

9. Aishee Mukherjee

Aishee, widely recognized as Earthytarot, embarked on her spiritual journey at 16, guided by the Universe’s subtle nudges. A proficient tarot card reader, spiritual healer, and spellcaster, she found her life’s purpose through transformative events. Aishee believes in guiding those who trust in her abilities, emphasizing that every life occurrence unfolds for a reason. Her mission is to instill acceptance and empower individuals to shape their reality by aligning mind, body, and soul. By fostering a connection with the higher self, she advocates for a mindset shift, enabling detachment from outcomes and the manifestation of dreams. Aishee’s profound message resonates with the transformative power within each person, urging them to embrace change and build a harmonious existence.

Instagram :- https://instagram.com/_.earthytarot_

10. Sukhdeep Kaur

Sukhdeep Kaur, a certified professional tarot reader, numerologist, and crystal healer, possesses a unique blend of metaphysical expertise. With a keen understanding of the mystical arts, Sukhdeep offers insightful tarot readings, leveraging her certification to guide individuals on their life journeys. As a seasoned numerologist, she deciphers the significance of numbers, unraveling hidden meanings for her clients. Sukhdeep’s proficiency extends to crystal healing, where she employs the vibrational energy of crystals to promote well-being. Beyond her mystical prowess, Sukhdeep serves as a compassionate counselor, providing invaluable support to those seeking clarity and direction in their lives.

Instagram: – https://instagram.com/tarot_with_sukhdeep



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