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“Vikrant Massey Apologizes for Offensive Lord Ram-Sita Tweet”

Vikrant Massey Issues Apology Over Controversial Tweet Featuring Lord Ram and Goddess Sita

Actor Vikrant Massey has issued a heartfelt apology after an old tweet resurfaced on social media, sparking controversy and outrage among netizens. The tweet, originally posted in 2018 in response to a tragic incident, featured a cartoon depicting Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, drawing criticism for its insensitive nature.

In the tweet, Vikrant Massey had commented on the gangrape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu and Kashmir, accompanied by an editorial cartoon portraying Goddess Sita expressing relief at being kidnapped by Ravan rather than Lord Ram’s devotees. The resurfacing of this tweet reignited fury on social media platforms, prompting Massey to publicly express remorse for any offense caused.

Addressing the situation on Wednesday, Vikrant Massey stated, “It was never my intention to hurt, malign or disrespect the Hindu community. But as I reflect in hindsight about a Tweet made in jest, I also realize the distasteful nature of it.” He extended a sincere apology to those who were hurt by the tweet, affirming his deep respect for all faiths, beliefs, and religions.

The tweet, which had been deleted since its resurgence, had garnered widespread attention due to its controversial content. Massey’s clarification and apology come in the wake of his recent interview where he discussed his upbringing in a household that embraced religious diversity and inclusivity.

Sharing insights into his family’s dynamics, Massey revealed that his brother had converted to Islam, a decision that was supported by their family. He emphasized the importance of personal choice in matters of faith and recounted the lessons he learned about religion and spirituality from his upbringing.

On the professional front, Vikrant Massey’s latest project, “12th Fail,” released in 2023, met with both commercial success and critical acclaim. Despite the controversy surrounding his past tweet, Massey continues to make strides in his career, captivating audiences with his versatile performances.

As the controversy surrounding Vikrant Massey’s tweet simmers down with his sincere apology, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for sensitivity and accountability in public discourse, especially on social media platforms where words and actions have far-reaching consequences. Massey’s reflection on his past mistake underscores the importance of growth and learning from one’s errors in promoting mutual respect and understanding among diverse communities.

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