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“Trisha Responds to Offensive Remarks by AIADMK Member, Vows Legal Action”

Trisha to Pursue Legal Action Against AIADMK Member's "Vulgar" Remarks, Film Fraternity Demands Tough Measures

Popular film star Trisha has announced her intention to take legal action against derogatory and vulgar comments made against her by a member of the AIADMK party. The offensive remarks, which have circulated widely on the internet, have sparked outrage within the film fraternity, prompting calls for severe consequences.

Trisha’s decision to pursue legal recourse follows a recent incident where former AIADMK functionary AV Raju made disparaging remarks about her during a discussion about the 2017 Koovathur Resort episode. This incident occurred when AIADMK MLAs were relocated to the resort following the demise of Jayalalithaa. It was during this time that Edappadi K Palaniswamy was selected as Chief Minister, under the guidance of then-party leader Sasikala, who subsequently served a jail sentence in Bengaluru for her involvement in a corruption case.

AV Raju’s comments were made in a video interview, where he criticized AIADMK Chief EPS, who had recently expelled him from the party. Trisha responded strongly to the derogatory remarks, asserting her determination to take necessary and severe action through her legal representatives.

The film fraternity has rallied behind Trisha, expressing their condemnation of such behavior. Actor Kasthuri Shankar expressed her disappointment, particularly given the association with the late Ms. Jayalalithaa, known as the “iron lady.” Producer Aditi Ravindranath emphasized the need to uphold principles of women empowerment and equality in the modern era, urging against personal attacks and mudslinging.

The Film Employees Federation of South India issued a statement denouncing baseless allegations against women in the film industry and calling for decisive action from both state and central governments to address such assaults on women’s dignity.

As of now, AV Raju, the politician from Salem district responsible for the offensive comments, has not responded to the controversy.

Trisha’s decision to take legal action underscores the importance of standing up against derogatory remarks and defending one’s dignity. With the support of the film fraternity and calls for accountability from various quarters, this incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle to combat sexism and uphold respect for individuals in all spheres of society.

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