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“Tollywood Stars Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak Exchange Rings in Hyderabad Engagement”

"Tollywood Stars Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak Exchange Rings in Hyderabad Engagement"

Tollywood actors Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak, known for their roles in the 2019 film “Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru,” celebrated a milestone in their relationship as they exchanged engagement rings in a private ceremony held in Hyderabad on March 13. The couple, who shared the screen as each other’s first co-stars, embarked on a new chapter in their love story surrounded by close family and friends.

The engagement festivities took place at a serene resort in Hyderabad, with Rahasya elegantly clad in a green saree adorned with diamond jewelry, while Kiran opted for a traditional ivory kurta-pyjama ensemble. Amidst joyful celebrations, the couple exchanged garlands and rings, marking the beginning of their journey towards marital bliss.

Their love story, which blossomed on the sets of “Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru,” has been a source of admiration among fans. Rahasya and Kiran, although initially keeping their relationship low-key, hinted at their bond through subtle gestures and social media posts. The duo commemorated their film’s significance by incorporating it into their engagement celebrations, setting up a selfie booth adorned with the film’s name.

While Kiran has been actively pursuing his acting career with notable projects like “SR Kalyanamandapam” and “Meter,” Rahasya garnered attention with her lead role in the Tamil film “Sharbat” in 2021. Despite their busy schedules, the couple’s commitment to their relationship remained steadfast, culminating in the joyous occasion of their engagement.

Looking ahead, Kiran and Rahasya plan to tie the knot abroad in August, followed by a grand celebration in Hyderabad for their industry peers and friends. Their enduring love story serves as a testament to the bond forged on and off-screen, captivating audiences with its charm and sincerity.

As they embark on this new chapter together, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing their journey unfold, both on-screen and in their personal lives. With love and support from their well-wishers, Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak step into the future hand in hand, ready to embrace the adventures that await them.

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