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“Sushant Divgikr’s Love Story: Across Oceans, Dreaming of an Indian Wedding with Aussie Bengali Partner”

"Sushant Divgikr Opens Up About Long-Distance Love and Desire for an Indian Wedding"

In an exclusive revelation, actor-singer Sushant Divgikr, widely known as Rani KoHEnur, has confirmed her long-distance relationship with a Bengali beau currently residing in Australia. While keeping the identity of her partner under wraps for now, Sushant expresses her joy and pride in the relationship, emphasizing her preference for an Indian wedding.

The duo crossed paths a year ago, and despite the geographical distance, Sushant is exuberant about her partner, stating, “He works and lives in Australia, but he’s an Indian. Main kahin par bhi jaake Indian hi pakadti hoon, damaad toh Indian hi hoga! Mujhe proper Indian wedding chahiye,” which translates to “I find Indians wherever I go; my son-in-law will be Indian! I want a proper Indian wedding.”

Taking to Instagram on a late Friday night, Sushant shared pictures with her partner, playfully referring to him as ‘Jeeju’ (brother-in-law) in the caption. Describing him as a wonderful man, she reveals that they have known each other for a year and shares the values of respecting others’ relationships.

Sushant reflects on the ethical approach to their budding romance, acknowledging the timing and circumstances. “Our fondness for each other was always there. But even when you are attracted to someone, you don’t want to spoil someone else’s relationship. These are values I hold very close,” she affirms.

Opening up about the potential of marriage, Sushant teases with a ‘maybe’ but emphasizes the unique dynamics of their relationship, saying, “He is the still water, I am the Tsunami, or rather the alligator that jumps out of the still water. Yin to my yang.”

Discussing the broader perspective, Sushant acknowledges the evolving rights of transgender individuals, highlighting that she identifies under the trans spectrum. While recognizing the option for marriage, she also advocates for a collective journey towards freedom and equal rights. Sushant believes that until everyone has equal rights, true freedom is yet to be achieved.

In a thoughtful note, she remarks, “Marriage is a partnership between two people,” emphasizing the importance of equality and understanding in relationships. Sushant’s candid revelation about her love story adds a heartwarming chapter to the ongoing narrative of inclusivity and acceptance in the diverse landscape of relationships.

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