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“Sunny Deol Opens Up About Financial Concerns: Prefers to Avoid Film Production Due to Potential Bankruptcy”

Sunny Deol Reveals Reasons Behind Not Pursuing Film Production: Financial Challenges and Changing Industry Dynamics

Sunny Deol, the renowned Bollywood actor known for his iconic roles, recently opened up about his decision to steer clear of film production in a candid interview with the BBC Asian Network radio station. The actor, who is currently basking in the success of his latest film Gadar 2, shared insights into his perspective on producing movies and the challenges that have led him to focus solely on acting.

Sunny Deol’s latest film, Gadar 2, has been making waves at the box office since its release on August 11, amassing an impressive collection of ₹460.65 crore. The movie is a remake of the 2001 hit Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, in which Sunny Deol reprised his iconic role of Tara Singh.

Speaking about his decision to stay away from film production, Deol remarked, “I am not going to produce films because I go bankrupt.” He elaborated on the changing dynamics of the film industry, highlighting how it has become increasingly challenging to navigate the intricacies of distribution and exhibition in the corporate era. Deol reflected on the days when he could manage these aspects more effectively due to personal connections with distributors and exhibitors. However, with the rise of corporate influence, the landscape has shifted, making it tougher for individual producers to succeed.

Deol’s comments on financial difficulties come shortly after the news of state-owned Bank of Baroda’s decision to auction his bungalow in Mumbai’s Juhu area to recover dues amounting to ₹56 crore. The auction notice was later withdrawn after Deol approached the bank to settle the outstanding amount.

In the same interview, Sunny Deol expressed his desire to focus primarily on acting, stating, “So I decided as an actor I am more there and that’s what I came in for. Then I became a producer, then I became a director. I put on too many caps. I might only get to do one job. So I said throw everything away, get back to your acting and that’s what I want to do right now, do as many films as I can forever and ever.”

Sunny Deol hails from a family deeply rooted in the film industry. His father, veteran actor Dharmendra, founded the production house Vijayta Films, which backed Sunny Deol’s debut film Betaab in 1983 and his 1990-release Ghayal. The production house also launched Sunny’s younger brothers Bobby Deol and Abhay Deol. Furthermore, it supported Sunny’s son Karan Deol’s debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas in 2019.

Sunny Deol has also taken on the role of a director in addition to acting, helming films such as Dillagi and Ghayal Once Again.

As Deol remains committed to his acting career, his insights shed light on the evolving landscape of the Indian film industry and the challenges faced by both established and aspiring filmmakers.

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