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Striking the right chord in the music industry is an aspiring music artist- DJ Manzee aka Manish

DJ Manzee aka Manish Rai, in response to the popular trend Pasoori, he recently launched a new mix of Pasoori (Remix). This remix has gained popularity among the public. 

DJ Manzee, an enthralling music magician, a self-made success icon, the people’s favourite DJ, is featured on our list of the top party freaks in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Manzee began his journey in 2012 at the age of 16. He was passionate about dance and music. He worked for local events for 3.5 years however while performing for one of Mumbai’s most prominent pool parties, his work and efforts got recognition, and then the rest is history.

There is no one else who can better shape and mix the already well known songs to even finer tunes. Currently, Manzee is king of reworking amazing songs in different styles. Manzee loves to experiment and his experiments have great results.

Furthermore, he has performed at extravagant events such as the Star Parivaar Awards and the Splash brand (Dubai’s top fashion brand), among others. Additionally, Manzee has performed with prominent singers such as Badshah, Milind Gaba, Zack Knight, and Divine.

As a result of Manzee’s hard work and dedication, he has received immense love from the club’s management, the fans, and the people he performs for alike.

He is available for Club Gigs, Shows, Club Concerts, Fashion Events, Music Festivals, Weddings, and Corporate Events.

The core genre of Manzee is Bollywood. Additionally, he plays EDM, Techno, and Commercial. Whenever he plays music, it becomes a trend. It was his music that spoke for him.

Despite the fact that we all possess some talent, he believes that few recognize it. It is an art to present songs with passion, and Manish has been successfully bringing it to the next level day by day.

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