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“Stalker Arrested After Intrusion at BTS’ V’s Apartment, Singer Assures Fans of Safety”

The Gangnam Police of Seoul, South Korea, have arrested a woman in her 20s who intruded into the apartment building of BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung. The incident has left fans of the popular K-pop group concerned for V’s safety.

The stalker, identified in reports as “A,” reportedly entered the building after following V. Help was dispatched from Gangnam Police Station following a report from the building’s security guard. The suspect was identified through CCTV footage, which showed her following V into the elevator of his apartment.

According to sources, the woman attempted to speak to V and even handed him a marriage certificate. It is believed that she waited for the BTS member outside his residence and subsequently followed him into the building after he parked his car in the premises’ parking lot.

Police managed to trace the stalker using the information mentioned on the marriage certificate she handed to V. A has a history of stalking V, which raised further concerns about the artist’s safety. In response, police have taken measures to protect V, prohibiting the stalker from approaching him in the future and mandating that she stay at least 100 meters away from him.

The news of the stalker’s intrusion has left BTS fans, known as the BTS ARMY, deeply worried for V’s well-being. They expressed their concerns on social media, with some urging legal action against the stalker. BTS’ agency, BigHit Music, issued a statement denouncing stalking crimes that disrupt the personal lives and safety of their artists, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy.

V personally addressed the situation by posting a reassuring message on Weverse, along with a photo of himself. In the caption, he wrote, “Hehe I’m okay (fine) don’t worry.” This incident occurred as V recently released his solo album, “Layover,” and it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that celebrities face in maintaining their personal space and safety amidst their fame.

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