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“Sonam Kapoor Wears Mom’s Vintage Outfit for Wedding, Shares Photos”

Sonam Kapoor Honors Mother's Legacy by Donning 35-Year-Old Outfit for Friend's Wedding

Actress Sonam Kapoor recently took to Instagram to share a heartwarming gesture, revealing that she adorned her mother Sunita Kapoor’s three-decade-old attire for a special occasion. In a series of photos posted on Tuesday, Sonam showcased herself wearing Sunita’s cherished “ghar chola” (traditional home attire) as she attended a friend’s wedding.

In the captivating snapshots, Sonam radiated elegance dressed in a printed maroon blouse paired with a matching saree, complemented by exquisite jewelry. Expressing gratitude to her mother for lending her the vintage ensemble, Sonam captioned the post, “Wearing my mom’s 35-year-old ghar chola… Thanks, mama for lending me this sari and blouse, love raiding your closet.”

Curious to engage with her followers, Sonam prompted discussion about the cultural significance of the “ghar chola,” inviting them to share their insights in the comment section. Among the flood of responses, Sunita Kapoor herself expressed her appreciation with a string of red heart emojis, while friends and fans showered Sonam with compliments and admiration for her sartorial choice.

Acknowledging Sonam’s sustainable fashion approach, admirers applauded her for showcasing that timeless outfits, even from decades past, can be reimagined and embraced with grace. Sonam’s dedication to fashion innovation has been a consistent source of inspiration for her followers, with her recent attendance at the Paris Haute Couture Week and her distinctive ensembles garnering widespread acclaim.

Beyond her fashion endeavors, Sonam Kapoor has recently returned to the silver screen with the film “Blind,” directed by Shome Makhija. This marked her comeback to acting after a hiatus for maternity leave, following the birth of her son Vayu in August 2022. Sonam, known for her discerning approach to projects, has also announced her involvement in two upcoming ventures, balancing her professional commitments with her cherished family time.

As Sonam Kapoor continues to captivate audiences both on and off-screen, her blend of timeless style and unwavering dedication to her craft solidify her status as a trailblazer in the world of cinema and fashion. With each appearance, she leaves an indelible mark, inspiring fans to embrace tradition, creativity, and individuality.

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