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Shrimadbhagwatashraya Embarks on a Divine Journey to Inspire Devotion across the Globe

Shrimadbhagwatashraya Embarks on a Divine Journey to Inspire Devotion across the Globe

Shrimadbhagwatashraya, the “shelter of God,” is set to make waves in the religious sanatani yatra, which is well carried by the founder Shri Pankaj ji Thanvi with a vision to become a national and international storyteller. Their mission is to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, amplifying their voice globally and expanding the Shrimad Bhagwatashraya family.

Specializing in religious storytelling, Shrimadbhagwatashraya aims to guide individuals from the path of love to God, the embodiment of love, in the spiritual world. With a short-term goal of achieving national recognition and a long-term vision of becoming an international storyteller, the founder of the organization seeks to amplify his voice globally and expand the Shrimad Bhagwatashraya family.

Shrimadbhagwatashraya offers a diverse range of services, including Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Krishna grace stories, Nani Bai’s myra, devotee character stories, and motivational speeches tailored to the needs of devotees. These services are available to all Sanatani Hindu brothers and sisters, both in India and abroad, with a special focus on reconnecting the youth with their cultural roots.

The primary target audience includes all Sanatani Hindu individuals, especially the youth who may be straying from their cultural values. Shrimadbhagwatashraya believes in the transformative power of storytelling, aiming to instill positive thoughts, teach fundamental duties, and guide individuals on the righteous path.

In the realm of spiritual discourse, Shrimadbhagwatashraya recognizes that there is no competition. Just as a scientist can delve into scientific topics, a flower seller from Vrindavan can also discuss God for hours. The emphasis lies in engaging in devotion to God, fostering unity, and promoting shared spiritual growth.

The primary goal of this press release is to awaken individuals across India to the path of devotion, especially the youth who may have lost touch with their cultural and ritualistic heritage. Shrimadbhagwatashraya aims to connect individuals with the divine through compelling stories, ultimately providing shelter to God for everyone.

Shrimadbhagwatashraya emphasizes key messages such as the significance of Bhagwat, the joy of Harinam Sankirtan, the glory of God’s name, the value of human life, and the presence of God in our world. Respected Shri Pankaj ji Thanvi encourages individuals to seek these insights through storytelling, preserving and passing on the values of luminaries like Surdas, Tulsidas, Meera Bai, Karma Bai, and others.

Quoting Tulsidas’s words from Ramayana, “Binu Parititi Hoi Nahi Preeti,” Shrimadbhagwatashraya highlights the importance of knowing God through stories, asserting that understanding the real nature of God is only possible through the storytelling medium.

Shrimadbhagwatashraya’s main theme centers around the belief that without devotion, there is no welfare for living beings. The organization invites individuals to listen to God’s story, find shelter in Shrimad Bhagavatashraya, and experience the transformative power of devotion.

The journey of Shrimadbhagwatashraya began with the first Bhagwat service at Shukratal’s “Shuktirtha” and has since resonated in various parts of India, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Aligarh, Jatipura Gariraj Ji, Lonavala, Barakar, and more. The divine service continues to expand, driven by a strong desire to spread Hari Naam Sankirtan worldwide.

In line with its informative approach, Shrimadbhagwatashraya aims to educate and inspire individuals via Shri Pankaj ji Thanvi through his storytelling, fostering a deeper connection with spirituality.

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