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In a world increasingly dominated by technological advancements and fast-paced lifestyles, spiritual guidance has become more essential than ever. Shri Shri Dr. PALAKKAL NAGARAJ stands out as a beacon of light, offering profound spiritual teachings that resonate on a global scale. His unique approach to transcending cosmic energy has transformed countless lives, fostering a sense of unity and inner peace across diverse communities.A Spiritual Journey Rooted in Tradition Shri Shri Dr.PALAKKAL NAGARAJ’s spiritual journey began in his early years, deeply influenced by a rich heritage of ancient wisdom. 

Under the tutelage of esteemed gurus, he immersed himself in intensive study and meditation. These formative experiences ignited his lifelong mission to explore and share the transformative power of cosmic energy.Shri Shri Dr.PALAKKAL NAGARAJ is a Cosmic Research and Development Scientist actively involved in transformations of various parts of the world from a national perspective to an individual perspective and vice versa. He has been in the Research and Development of cosmic energy for the past 15 years, entered through the Ancient Siddha Tradition and has crossed the barrier of the spiritual plane over the material plane of life and transformation.Dr. Palakkal’s teachings skillfully blend timeless spiritual principles with modern insights, making them accessible to people from all backgrounds. His philosophy emphasizes the interconnectedness of all life and the universe, encouraging individuals to harness cosmic energy for personal and spiritual growth.

His case study and implementation of cosmic energy from a higher vibrational frequency from the subtle level and centrifugal force of the universe and bringing it to the lower material plane of the nations and individuals have created great results in various continents across the region for a particular cause. 

He has been in Planning and Implementation from the Subtle Cosmic level, similar to the role of a central computer system imparting Peace, Harmony, Love and Prosperity in Societies, States and Nations across the World. 

While doing all types of Planning and Implementation on a National or State level, Shri Shri Dr Palakkal ensures that top-level leaders benefit from his Research and Development Skills. He ensures that the lower vibrational level individuals, society, states and country people also embrace the benefits of Peace, Harmony, Love and Happiness as he aims for a happy world. Lately, he is more known as… 

A Cosmic Aspirator

Starseeds World & Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International execute projects, guiding individuals, corporates, organizations, or Nations to rebuild, redesign and reshape to a new dimension of real success, happiness, and prosperity. 

The Journey Within

Every human consciousness and their living is based on future life than living in the present. Their journey is mostly outward. They hardly go within themselves to enhance their potential. They seek help from the outside without realizing their full strength is within them.

They are launching and implementing various awareness programs through different platforms to reach out maximum. Some of the awareness can be in non-visible forms via different sound and light frequencies to hit deep into their subconscious mind. 

When probed about how spiritual solutions and services are crucial today in a fast-paced life where people face modern lifestyle issues like hypertension, depression, and many psychological disorders, Shri Shri Dr Palakkal says that a deep spiritual awareness is necessary. 

Tapping the Innermost Life Force

“Secondly, all the physical ailment that we face in today’s world is being treated according to the symptom of the sickness and not on the root cause mostly.” An inner awareness will help one to change their thoughts at the root level of the physical symptom. 

“Every immunity power is deep into our brain system, and one has to connect their brain to the rest of their body through their nervous system using different tools such as mind visualization, air-breathing techniques and other yogic practices, prayers etc. Mostly this doesn’t happen because of our way of living.” Those who focus inwards occasionally can tap the cosmic medicine and get healed and powered. Their life will be fully in their control. 

An Eternal Wisdom

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into cosmic energy space, he says that everyone is welcome because there is the infinite potentiality to tap into the cosmic consciousness and embrace the power of the universe in a higher dimension to manifest within oneself into a 3D state. It means one who taps into space they have spectacular energy to power their mission. For this, they don’t need to walk towards the universe; instead, they tap it within, and the universe will manifest within themselves. Expert guidance will help one simplify the process.

Discovering the True Human Spirit

According to Shri Shri Dr Palakkal, there are qualities/traits an influential, and enlightening spiritual leader must possess. A spiritual leader is also on an inward journey to tap the highest potentiality of complete awareness, where they become one with the universe, along with helping seekers in their spiritual journey. 

The leader should be unconditional and always give. They should possess unconditional love towards nature and humanity and shouldn’t differentiate one based on caste, creed and colour, as the essence of existence in every human is the same. There is nothing called right or wrong in the world, as it is a system based on someone else’s awareness. 

Ultimately, we are here to explore and experiment with life through a permanent state of happiness, love and wisdom. Which makes them more true humans than spiritual leaders. One should not limit themselves to being a spiritual leader; instead, be willing to give and share awareness on the love platform.

Shri Shri Dr. Palakkal’s influence in the spiritual realm is profound and far-reaching. Through his teachings on cosmic energy, he has touched the lives of many, promoting global unity and spiritual awakening. As more people embrace his message, the world moves closer to a harmonious existence, grounded in the timeless truths of cosmic energy and universal love.For those seeking a deeper connection to the universe and a path to inner peace, Shri Shri Dr. Palakkal’s teachings provide a transformative guide, illuminating the way toward a spiritually enriched life.

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