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Sagar Das: The Multi-Faceted Talent – Actor, Performer, and Choreographer.

Sagar Das, a renowned choreographer who has choreographed many Bollywood films including the superhit film “Chak De India” is once again creating waves with back-to-back hits in the Hindi music video industry.

In addition to directing and choreographing a music video starring the legendary choreographer Ganesh Acharya.ji, “Masaledar Tera Pyar” which turned out to be a huge hit and made the audiences go gaga about the video, Choreographer Sagar Das is now back again with “Tain Kar Jaati Hai” his upcoming music video which is a dancing number that has Sagar Das himself performing along with Sahifa Shaikh, a well-known model and influencer of our country.

The video is a dance-filled celebration of love, set to release in this month of Valentine.

In the video, Sagar and Sahifa bring their sizzling chemistry to life with their killer dance moves. The trailer for the video has already caught the attention of audiences, thanks to its unique hook step. The song has been choreographed by Sagar and his wife, Radhika, who also has a number of hit music videos to her credit as a choreographer. The video is directed by the talented duo Niraj-Randhir, and the lyrics were penned by Pranav Vatsa, who also appears in the video.

R.R. Prince, a well-known cinematographer, brings his artistry to the video, creating visually stunning images. The video is produced by Aditya Jha of Rajgharana Films Pvt Ltd. With its combination of top-notch talent and a fresh and exciting concept, “Tain Kar Jaati Hai” is set to be a must-watch for fans of Hindi music videos.



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