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“Ricky Kej Calls Out Trevor Noah Over Bengaluru Show Mishap, Highlights Artist Responsibility”

Ricky Kej Criticizes Trevor Noah Over Bengaluru Show Mishap, Emphasizes Artist Responsibility

Three-time Grammy award-winning musician Ricky Kej has taken to social media to express his criticism of comedian Trevor Noah following issues that plagued Noah’s ‘Off The Record’ India tour. The tour came under scrutiny and debate after both of Trevor Noah’s shows in Bengaluru had to be canceled due to audio problems at the venue. While Noah assured fans of his return to the city, Ricky Kej was less convinced by his farewell note and partly held him responsible for the show’s failure.

In his statement, Ricky Kej underscored the importance of being a “responsible and caring artist” by conducting thorough soundchecks and venue reconnaissance before a performance. While acknowledging the possibility of event management-related problems, Kej expressed shock that Trevor Noah did not personally inspect the venue or communicate the technical requirements and specifications to the event organizers.

Kej wrote, “If Trevor Noah genuinely cared about his fans who purchased tickets, he would have made it a priority to arrive early on the day of the event or the night before, personally inspect the venue, test his microphone, and ensure optimal sound quality. I’m certain he follows these practices at prestigious venues worldwide, and I’m surprised that he neglected to do so in Bengaluru. This is the artist’s responsibility. Every artist, comedian, or band has specific sound requirements and preferences, and showing up for the event without even checking the sound is highly irresponsible.”

The musician went further to reference other international artists who have successfully conducted events in Bengaluru by working closely with all stakeholders to deliver outstanding concerts. He questioned why Bengaluru, which has hosted renowned acts such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Iron Maiden, Bryan Adams, Metallica, Symphony Orchestras, and Russel Peters, faced such issues.

Kej also criticized Trevor Noah’s attribution of the incident to “India” as a whole, considering it in poor taste. He characterized the situation as a result of poor event management but, more importantly, as the consequence of a complacent and irresponsible artist who disregarded his paying fans and India.

Trevor Noah had been scheduled to perform at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru as part of his ‘Off the Record’ tour last week. However, both shows were canceled due to audio problems at the venue. In response, Noah apologized to his fans who had eagerly anticipated the shows and assured them of a full refund.

The incident has ignited a discussion on the responsibilities of artists and event management in ensuring the success of live performances, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and execution to meet audience expectations.

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