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Revving for Safety: KTM Bike Rally Roars through Haryana’s Roads.

Revving for Safety: KTM Bike Rally Roars through Haryana's Roads.

In a symphony of engines and a cascade of colors, the streets of Haryana echoed with a crucial message on the 17th of March, 2024. The Medark Hospital, nestled in the heart of Bahadurgarh, took the lead in organizing a spirited KTM Bike Rally, aimed at raising awareness for road safety, with a special focus on the imperative of wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers.

Dr. Dharmendra Rathi, the guiding force behind this initiative, waved the flag as the convoy of bikes set off from Bahadurgarh. The roar of the engines was matched only by the enthusiasm of the riders, all united in a common cause—to champion safe riding practices for all.

As the sun peeked over the horizon, casting a golden hue on the rolling fields of Haryana, the rally snaked its way towards Rohtak, Haveli. Along the route, banners fluttered in the wind, each bearing a stark reminder: “Your Safety, Our Priority.”

The KTM Bike Rally wasn’t just an event; it was a spectacle of unity. Riders from all walks of life, clad in vibrant biking gear, came together with a shared mission. From seasoned riders with years of experience to novices feeling the thrill of the open road for the first time, each participant added a unique note to the symphony of awareness.

“It’s not just about the ride; it’s about the cause,” remarked Rakesh, a participant in the rally. “We’re here to remind everyone that road safety starts with each one of us. By wearing a helmet, we’re not just protecting ourselves; we’re ensuring we return safely to our loved ones.”

The rally garnered attention not just for its purpose but also for the sheer spectacle it presented. With a colorful array of KTM bikes, each gleaming under the morning sun, it was a sight to behold. Curious onlookers lined the streets, some cheering, some snapping pictures, but all absorbing the crucial message being broadcasted—helmets save lives.

As the convoy reached its destination in Rohtak, Haveli, the riders dismounted with a sense of accomplishment. The rally had achieved its goal—to ignite conversations, to prompt action, and to remind everyone on the roads that safety is non-negotiable.

Dr. Dharmendra Rathi, the visionary behind the event, shared his thoughts at the closing ceremony. “Road safety is not an option; it’s a responsibility we owe to ourselves and to others. Medark Hospital is committed to not only treating injuries but also preventing them. Today’s rally is just the beginning of our journey towards safer roads.”

The KTM Bike Rally might have ended, but its echoes will reverberate through the lanes and bylanes of Haryana for a long time to come. With each helmet worn, each road rule remembered, and each life safeguarded, the spirit of the rally lives on.

For those looking to join the cause or seeking more information, Medark Hospital stands as a beacon of knowledge and support. Their website,, is a treasure trove of resources, and they can be reached at 92530 05397 for any inquiries.

As the engines quieten and the riders disperse, one thing remains clear—the KTM Bike Rally wasn’t just an event; it was a call to action. A call to rev for safety, a call to ride for awareness, and most importantly, a call to ensure that every journey, no matter how short or long, begins and ends with safety at the forefront.

And so, the roads of Haryana await, not just as paths to destinations, but as reminders of a community united by a single, powerful message—safety first, always.



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