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Pushpa 2 Song “Angaaron”: Rashmika Mandanna and Allu Arjun Dance in Love; Fans Call Them ‘Fire Couple’

Pushpa 2 Song Angaaron: Srivalli Rashmika Mandanna & Her Saami Allu Arjun Sway in Love; Fans Call Them ‘Fire Couple’

The Rise captivated the hearts of many, not just for its compelling storyline and stellar performances but also for the sizzling chemistry between Allu Arjun, who played Pushpa, and Rashmika Mandanna, who portrayed Srivalli. Their on-screen romance was nothing short of magical, likened to a blossoming flower. The excitement to see this beloved pair reunite in Pushpa 2: The Rule is palpable, and the makers have only fueled this anticipation by releasing behind-the-scenes clips of the couple song Angaaron.

The song, helmed by the talented trio of Shreya Ghoshal, Raqueeb Alam, and Devi Sri Prasad, captures the essence of Pushpa and Srivalli’s romance. Although the full official music video is yet to be released, the sneak peek offers fans a charming view of their dance rehearsals. The hook step, where the couple throws their arms around each other and sways, is already a hit among fans, showcasing their undeniable chemistry and convincing portrayal of love.

In the clips, Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna can be seen enjoying their time together on set, making hearts with their fingers, and sharing a playful moment as Allu sits on the ‘heroine’ chair and Rashmika on the ‘hero’ seat. The joy and camaraderie between the two actors are winning the internet, with fans flooding the comment section with praises for their favorite jodi.

One fan enthusiastically commented, “Allu+rashmika=blockbuster jodi❤️❤️❤️,” while another added, “Pusha bhau & Srivalli fire couple in this movie.” The enthusiasm is echoed by another user who wrote, “PUSHPA + SRIVALLI = GOOSEBUMPS GUARANTEED.” The overwhelming response highlights the excitement and love fans have for this on-screen pair, frequently referring to them as a ‘super hit jodi’.

The combination of foot-tapping music, captivating chemistry, and brilliant choreography in Angaaron promises a visual treat for the audience. As the countdown to the movie release on August 15 continues, fans eagerly await the return of Pushpa and Srivalli to the silver screen, ready to witness the magic of their love story unfold once again.

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