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Priyanka Chopra Joins Oscar-Nominated Documentary “To Kill A Tiger” as Executive Producer

Priyanka Chopra Joins Oscar-Nominated Documentary "To Kill A Tiger" as Executive Producer

Priyanka Chopra, the versatile superstar known for her myriad talents, has added another feather to her cap by stepping into the role of executive producer for the Oscar-nominated documentary “To Kill A Tiger.” Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Nisha Pahuja, the documentary tells the compelling story of a father’s unwavering quest for justice in the face of adversity.

The news of Priyanka’s involvement in the project comes alongside Netflix’s acquisition of global distribution rights, signaling a significant milestone for the documentary’s reach and impact. Taking to her Instagram handle to share her excitement, Priyanka expressed her pride in joining the esteemed team behind the powerful feature.

Reflecting on the profound impact of “To Kill A Tiger,” Priyanka recalled being deeply moved by its poignant narrative, which depicts a father’s relentless pursuit of justice for his daughter within the judicial system. As a native of Jharkhand, the state where the survivor and her father hail from, Priyanka found a personal connection to the story, resonating with the unwavering love and determination displayed by the protagonist.

The announcement garnered an outpouring of support from fans and fellow celebrities, with many extending their heartfelt congratulations to Priyanka for her involvement in the project. Filmmaker Tushar Tyagi and fashion designer Shane Peacock were among those who commended Priyanka’s achievement, expressing their pride and admiration.

Directed by Nisha Pahuja, “To Kill A Tiger” unfolds the harrowing tale of Ranjit, a middle-aged farmer, as he courageously battles against the injustice of his daughter Kiran’s brutal assault. Set against the backdrop of the Bero district in Jharkhand, the documentary sheds light on the resilience and determination of individuals confronting societal injustices.

Priyanka Chopra’s collaboration with “To Kill A Tiger” underscores her commitment to championing meaningful storytelling and elevating narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. As the documentary prepares to make its global debut on Netflix, anticipation mounts for viewers to experience the profound impact of this moving tale.

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