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“Online Outrage as Brand Unveils ₹50,000 Jeans with “Pee Stain” Design”

Luxury Brand Raises Eyebrows with ₹50,000 "Pee Stain" Jeans

The fashion world is no stranger to bold statements, but a recent offering from British-Italian brand Jordanluca has taken the concept to a whole new level. The brand, founded by designers Luca Marchetto and Jordan Bowen, has unveiled a pair of denims titled “Stain Stonewash Jeans,” featuring what appears to be a pee stain in the groin area.

The jeans, which were showcased during Jordanluca’s runway debut for the fall/winter 2023 collection, have sparked widespread astonishment due to their unique design and staggering price tag. The original jeans are priced at ₹67,600, while the lighter wash, which is currently sold out, commands a whopping ₹50,000.

Describing the jeans, the brand stated, “The Stain jeans feature a stonewash stain on the crotch and the Demonology horn detail embroidered on each back pocket, making them the ultimate JORDANLUCA denim piece. The jeans are high rise with a tapered leg, ensuring a perfect fit.”

However, the peculiar nature of these jeans has led to considerable criticism and disbelief on social media. Many users expressed astonishment at the concept, questioning the rationale behind such a design and its exorbitant price. Some users humorously commented on the absurdity of paying for jeans with a “pee stain” when one could simply create a similar effect at home.

The reaction online reflects a mix of incredulity and amusement, with users questioning the fashion industry’s penchant for pushing boundaries. While some see it as a quirky fashion statement, others view it as an extravagant and unnecessary indulgence.

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