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“Nora Fatehi Calls Out Impersonation: Lookalike Surfaces in Shocking Deepfake Video”

"Nora Fatehi Calls Out Impersonation: Lookalike Surfaces in Shocking Deepfake Video"

In a concerning turn of events, Bollywood sensation Nora Fatehi took to her Instagram Stories to address a distressing situation involving a deepfake video featuring a lookalike imitating her. This incident follows similar cases involving celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, and Kajol.

The video circulating on social media showcases a woman remarkably resembling Nora Fatehi, endorsing a fashion brand during an end-of-season sale. The imposter not only replicates Nora’s appearance but also mimics her mannerisms and voice. Nora, visibly disturbed by the deceptive content, expressed her shock and clarified the impersonation on her Instagram Stories.

“Shocked!! This is not me!” Nora Fatehi wrote alongside the video, emphatically labeling it as ‘fake’ in bold letters. The Bollywood starlet called attention to the alarming misuse of her likeness and urged followers to recognize the deception. As of now, the brand responsible for the video has not responded to Nora’s claims.

This revelation comes closely on the heels of an incident involving Delhi Police arresting a student named Eemani Naveen from Andhra Pradesh. Naveen was apprehended for creating a deepfake video featuring South Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna. The accused aimed to boost followers on his fan page by manipulating the celebrity’s likeness and creating a false narrative.

The modus operandi of deepfake videos involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to manipulate and superimpose a person’s face or voice onto existing video footage. The deceptive nature of deepfakes poses a significant threat as they can convincingly portray individuals engaging in actions or making statements they never did.

The entertainment industry, particularly female actors, has unfortunately become a target for such nefarious activities. The incident involving Nora Fatehi underscores the need for heightened awareness and vigilance in combating the misuse of technology to protect the integrity and reputation of public figures.

As the prevalence of deepfake videos continues to pose challenges, celebrities like Nora Fatehi speaking out against such deceptive practices shed light on the importance of safeguarding against digital impersonation in the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

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