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“Netflix Responds to 54-Year-Old Woman’s Recreation of Aditi Rao Hydari’s Iconic Gajagamini Walk from Heeramandi”

"Netflix Applauds 54-Year-Old's Stunning Recreation of Aditi Rao Hydari's Gajagamini Walk from Heeramandi"

A 54-year-old dancer has captivated social media with her flawless recreation of Aditi Rao Hydari’s iconic Gajagamini walk from the popular OTT series Heeramandi. The video, showcasing the dancer’s talent and dedication, has garnered immense attention, prompting a reaction from Netflix India.

Neeru Saini, known for her digital content on Instagram, shared the mesmerizing video where she elegantly replicates the Gajagamini walk in traditional attire. Donning a vibrant lehenga and silver blouse with a mustard yellow dupatta adorned with mirror work, her performance has earned accolades from viewers and Netflix alike.

Reacting to the video, Netflix India expressed admiration, stating, “OBSESSED. 100. Neeru, tum bade WOW ho,” referencing a memorable dialogue from Heeramandi. The video quickly gained traction, accumulating over 14 million views and garnering positive feedback from Instagram users.

One user praised Neeru’s talent, emphasizing her versatility and urging her to ignore negativity. Another lauded her as the “Winner of this trend,” highlighting the timeless appeal of her performance. The video’s beauty and artistry also drew admiration from users, with many expressing awe and admiration for Neeru’s skills.

Aditi Rao Hydari’s portrayal of Bibbojaan in Heeramandi has resonated with audiences, and Neeru’s rendition of the Gajagamini walk further celebrates the show’s impact. Set in the pre-Independence era, Heeramandi delves into the lives of fictional courtesans in Lahore’s historic district.

Neeru Saini’s impressive interpretation of the iconic walk not only showcases her talent but also underscores the power of art to transcend age barriers and inspire creativity across generations.

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