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“Multiple K-Pop Acts, Including Seventeen and Stray Kids, Dominate Billboard’s World Albums Chart”

"K-Pop Dominates Billboard's World Albums Chart with Seventeen, ILLIT, NewJeans, Stray Kids, and More Taking Top Spots"

The latest Billboard World Albums Chart has seen a remarkable dominance of K-pop acts, with groups like Seventeen, ILLIT, NewJeans, Stray Kids, and others securing top ranks and maintaining their stronghold on the global music scene.

Leading the charge, HYBE Corporation’s diverse roster of artists has once again showcased their international appeal. Notably, ILLIT’s debut mini-album “Super Real Me” surged to No. 2 on the World Albums chart, marking a significant achievement for the rookie girl group under HYBE Labels. This success follows their recent debut on the Billboard 200, underscoring their rapid rise in the music industry.

Meanwhile, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) continues to make waves with their sixth mini-album “Minisode 3: Tomorrow,” which held strong at the 3rd rank on the World Albums Chart. Boynextdoor’s “HOW?” and Le Sserafim’s third mini-album maintained their positions, highlighting the ongoing success of HYBE’s diverse musical offerings.

Not to be outdone, non-HYBE groups also made their mark on the Billboard chart. TWICE’s “With You-th” and Stray Kids’ “ROCK-STAR” held their ground, showcasing the enduring popularity of JYP Entertainment’s talented acts in the global music landscape.

Additionally, familiar names like BTS and its members continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. BTS’ 2022 anthology album “Proof” climbed to the 10th rank, demonstrating the enduring appeal of their music. J-Hope’s special album and Jimin’s solo debut album maintained their positions, further solidifying BTS’ impact on the World Albums chart.

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