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MomsleagueGlobal Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Tribute to Mom Entrepreneurs

MomsleagueGlobal Celebrates Mother's Day with a Tribute to Mom Entrepreneurs


8th May 2024

MomsleagueGlobal, a beacon of empowerment for mothers worldwide, marked this Mother’s Day with a heartwarming celebration honoring the resilience and creativity of mom entrepreneurs. In a star-studded event, MomsleagueGlobal felicitated 17 remarkable mom entrepreneurs hailing from diverse fields, including Medicine, Event Management, Parenting, Real Estate, Fashion, Interior Designing, PR and Media, and Education.

The Mother’s Day Edition, themed around the hashtag #everymomcan, resonated with the ethos of MomsleagueGlobal, echoing its commitment to fostering a community where every mom is encouraged to pursue her dreams. The event witnessed an array of inspiring stories and triumphs, underscoring the indomitable spirit of mom entrepreneurs.

Among the esteemed guests were Sujata Biswas, co-founder of Suta, and Nisha Rawal, an entrepreneur and actor, who graced the occasion with their presence. Additionally, Nirmika Singh, Founder and CEO of Mox-Asia, and Kusum Kanwar, founder of Kkkids learning systems and Addupskills, added their valuable insights to the event.

The honorees of the evening, representing a spectrum of industries, included Nimarta Bindra, Sharanya Kannan, Anisha Purswani, Dr. Kalpana Sr Chordiya, Chittanshi Agarwal, Kriti and Shubhra – founders of Grannible, Alisha Advani, Vinny Jain Verdia, Lakshmi Pai, Dr. Archana Chowdhry, Payal Narang, Chandni Singh, Tulsi Bavishi, Ashwini Nagare and Dr. Bindiya Katariya.

Radio City, a prominent media partner, lent its support to the event, amplifying the voices of these extraordinary women entrepreneurs.

MomsleagueGlobal, founded by Avantika Bahuguna, an ex-journalist and a leading mom influencer, is more than just a community—it’s a nurturing space where women from all walks of life are empowered to thrive. Supported by Sabiha Gulrays, a seasoned content writer and influencer marketing consultant, MomsleagueGlobal is dedicated to creating safe spaces for women to connect, share, and inspire one another.

Avantika Bahuguna, the driving force behind MomsleagueGlobal, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “At MomsleagueGlobal, we believe in elevating, energizing, and empowering women. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the incredible journey of mom entrepreneurs who epitomize the spirit of resilience and determination.”

For more information about MomsleagueGlobal and its initiatives, connect with them @momsleagueglobal on Instagram.


[Avantika Bahuguna & Sabiha Gulrays]

[Founder and Chief Mom Officer]

About MomsleagueGlobal:

MomsleagueGlobal is a boutique agency and community platform dedicated to empowering mothers and entrepreneurs. Founded by Avantika Bahuguna, MomsleagueGlobal provides a space for women to connect, share, and thrive. With a focus on elevating, energizing, and empowering women, MomsleagueGlobal is committed to creating safe and supportive environments where every mom can fulfill her potential.



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