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Let’s Talk Success Stories: A Candid Conversation with Mr.Maharish A Rajha, India’s Youngest Entrepreneurial Resilience Award Winner

Let’s Talk Success Stories: A Candid Conversation with Mr.Maharish A Rajha, India’s Youngest Entrepreneurial Resilience Award Winner

In an exclusive interview, our Medium Team sat down with Mr. Maharish A Rajha, the trailblazer behind Tripy’s Trips, to uncover the untold stories of entrepreneurship, resilience, and the transformative journey of a tourism giant.

Q: Maharish, can you take us back to the roots? What inspired your foray into the tourism industry?

A: It all traces back to my 9th-grade Economics lesson. However, the real spark ignited from the countless journeys my parents took me on as a child. Their love for exploration became the driving force behind my passion for travel. Once I had a bitter travel experience, which made me think “why not we have a proper setup in our Goa?”

Q: The Entrepreneurial Resilience Award is a significant achievement. What does this accolade mean for you and Tripy’s Trips?

A: It’s an incredible honor and a validation of our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and sustainable tourism. For Tripy’s Trips, it’s a recognition of the collective efforts of the team to navigate the challenges of the market successfully.

Q: Your family seems to have played a crucial role in shaping your journey. Could you share more about their influence?

A: Absolutely. My parents instilled in me a deep love for exploration. My brother, Mukish, provided authentic footage, capturing the essence of Tripy’s Trips. Uncle Joaquim and Aunt Lucy turned Goa Camera Rental into a force to be reckoned with. Family has been the bedrock of my entrepreneurial journey.

Q: Tripy’s Trips started more than a decade ago. Can you share some pivotal moments that defined this transformation where you got the identity through Goa Calling?

A: One key moment was when we shifted gears into adventure tourism. Anthony introduced us to boat owners, Chaithesh (my best friend), Ankush (through Nilesh), and Gauresh (through Rahul), whose support was instrumental. “Goa Calling” evolved, and so did we. Now we have young n dedicated Murali Manohar to manage all our boat needs, while Stephen Marsh is experiencing in business operations. With all their dedication & quality service, I get the identity as Maharish from Goa Calling instead of Tripy’s Trips.

Q: The move to Dubai during the pandemic was bold. How did this transformation from tourism to a delivery business come about?

A: Dubai presented an opportunity, and with guidance from Solomon, we shifted gears strategically. It was about adapting to the times and ensuring Tripy’s Trips not only survives but thrives despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. And, it is not a transformation, it is a new business to our group as our tourism operations continued under the supervision of Prabhu.

Q: Your wife, Mythreyi, has been an integral part of this journey. How has her support influenced the growth of Tripy’s Trips?

A: Mythreyi has been my anchor. Her support in both personal and professional aspects has been invaluable. We’ve traveled together, and her insights have been crucial in shaping Tripy’s Trips into what it is today.

Q: In the thick of the pandemic, who were the unsung heroes that supported Tripy’s Trips?

A: Mr. Padmakumar Nair, my mentor, guided me through the intricacies of the hotel industry. I’ll always be grateful to him. During the pandemic, he had me along the transformation of Mira Hotel. Best learning phase in my life. On the other side Mr. Ganu and his wife Raveena provided unwavering support during challenging times, they were more than a family to me. Their contributions were pivotal in steering the ship during the storm.

Q: Tripy’s Trips is not just a business; it’s a community effort. How do you see the future unfolding for your venture?

A: The journey doesn’t end here. Tripy’s Trips is poised for more adventures, innovations, and, most importantly, creating memorable experiences for our travelers. The network of support we’ve built is the foundation for our future endeavors.

Tripy’s Trips, under the visionary leadership of Maharish A Rajha, continues to redefine the landscape of adventure tourism. The stories shared in this interview offer a glimpse into the resilience, camaraderie, and unwavering spirit that have propelled Tripy’s Trips to its current heights. Listen to the full interview in our podcast.

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