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“Kiku Sharda Confirms Season 2 for ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ Amid Speculation”

Kiku Sharda Confirms Season 2 for "The Great Indian Kapil Show" Amid Speculations

The Great Indian Kapil Show, known for its rib-tickling humor and celebrity guests, has been the subject of speculation regarding its future after a recent glimpse of the season wrap by Archana Puran Singh. However, comedian Kiku Sharda has now confirmed that the show is not ending but rather gearing up for a second season.

In an exclusive interview with News18, Kiku Sharda shed light on the show’s status and the upcoming plans. He clarified, “We have done 13 episodes, and the second season will come out soon. We have just wrapped up the first season. It was always meant to be like this. We have already planned the next season, and it will come out soon. There won’t be a very huge gap.”

This confirmation comes as a relief to fans who were concerned about the show’s future after the season wrap teaser shared by Archana Puran Singh. The news of a second season indicates that viewers can expect more laughter and entertainment from the beloved comedy show.

The Great Indian Kapil Show has been a favorite among audiences for its witty humor, celebrity interactions, and Kapil Sharma’s charismatic hosting. The announcement of a new season brings excitement and anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting the show’s return.

As details about the second season unfold, fans can look forward to more updates on the show’s format, celebrity guests, and Kapil Sharma’s hilarious antics. Stay tuned for more information on The Great Indian Kapil Show’s Season 2 premiere date and what’s in store for viewers.

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