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“Kay Kay Menon Helped Me Feel at Home on ‘The Railway Men’ Set, Says Babil Khan”

"Kay Kay Menon Helped Me Feel at Home on 'The Railway Men' Set, Says Babil Khan"

Babil Khan, navigating the profound loss of his father, the legendary actor Irrfan Khan, found solace and a sense of belonging while working on the Netflix series ‘The Railway Men.’ Acknowledging his co-star Kay Kay Menon’s influence, Babil credits him for fostering an environment where he felt a renewed connection amidst personal turmoil.

At the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Babil Khan disclosed his emotional journey while filming ‘The Railway Men,’ a project he undertook about seven to eight months after his father’s demise in April 2020 due to a rare form of cancer. Amidst his grieving, Babil found a sanctuary on the set, particularly when collaborating with Kay Kay Menon.

Reflecting on his experience, Babil expressed, “When I was working with Kay Kay sir on this series, I was going through a huge loss. I had lost my best friend and father in one day. It was seven or eight months before we started shooting for this. When I would arrive on the set, that was the only time I felt like I belonged anywhere.”

The young actor emphasized the profound impact of feeling a sense of belonging during that period, attributing it to Kay Kay Menon’s ability to create an environment of acceptance. Menon, known for his acclaimed roles alongside Irrfan in films like ‘Haider’ and ‘Life in a… Metro,’ lauded Babil’s potential and acknowledged his unique qualities that are destined to propel him to greater heights in the industry.

‘The Railway Men,’ Yash Raj Films’ digital arm’s inaugural series, directed by Shiv Rawail, received accolades for its portrayal of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak tragedy. The show pays homage to the unsung heroes of the Indian Railways stationed at Bhopal, spotlighting their courageous acts that saved countless lives during the calamitous event. The series features actors R Madhavan, Divyenndu, and Kay Kay Menon in pivotal roles.

Menon, reflecting on his decision to join the project, highlighted the importance of shedding light on the sacrifices of railway employees, praising the script’s narrative that underscores their heroic efforts. He emphasized the often-underestimated risk and precision involved in their duties, expressing his homage to the organization and its unsung heroes through his involvement in the series.

As the International Film Festival of India progresses, ‘The Railway Men’ stands as a testament to honoring the valiant efforts of these individuals within the Indian Railways, shedding light on their selfless acts during a catastrophic event. The series continues to garner acclaim for its heartfelt portrayal of bravery amidst adversity.

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