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Kajal Aggarwal Highlights Challenges Faced by Married Actors in South Indian Cinema

Kajal Aggarwal Highlights Challenges Faced by Married Actors in South Indian Cinema

In a recent interview, actress Kajal Aggarwal delved into the challenges faced by married actors in South Indian cinema, shedding light on the stereotypes and opportunities in the industry.

Addressing the disparity in roles between Bollywood and South Indian cinema for married actors, Kajal emphasized the need for filmmakers in the South to diversify their offerings. While acknowledging the meaty roles she had before marriage and motherhood, such as in Shankar’s “Indian 2” and Suman Chikkala’s “Satyabhama,” she dismissed the notion that this disparity was purely cultural.

“We still have a little bit of stereotype attached, I am hoping we get rid of it soon. It’s this generation of actors who are married and work after having children,” Kajal expressed. She urged filmmakers to explore more genres and provide diverse roles to actors regardless of their marital status.

Kajal also praised actress Nayanthara for her impactful film choices and the control she exercises over her filmography. Nayanthara, known for her versatile roles and powerful performances, serves as an inspiration for actors like Kajal who aspire to take on meatier and pivotal roles in the industry.

Reflecting on her personal experience, Kajal shared insights into balancing her professional commitments with family life. She discussed her husband Gautam Kitchlu’s initial challenges in understanding her demanding schedule and how she managed her work commitments even during pregnancy and postpartum while shooting for “Indian 2.”

“If we are offered, we would take meatier roles, maybe even the pivotal roles in films. Things are changing,” Kajal remarked, expressing optimism about evolving opportunities for actors in South Indian cinema.

Kajal Aggarwal’s upcoming film “Satyabhama,” where she plays a police officer for the first time in her career, is set to release on June 7. Additionally, she stars in “Indian 2” alongside Kamal Haasan, Siddharth, and Rakul Preet Singh, scheduled for release on July 12. While she was also slated to appear in Tathagata Singha’s “Uma,” updates on the film remain pending.

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