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“Kai Martaba” – new song by Anand Rajput creating buzz in the music industry

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain ~ Bob Marley

We’ve got to admit that music is an inseparable part of our lives. It has the power to lift the mood or sink within us to the deepest core of our hearts. India is a diverse country; thus, it has music fans of all genres with a vast range of music tastes. One extremely talented singer, actor, and social media influencer is Anand Rajput. 

Anand Rajput is an extremely talented and charismatic Indian singer, actor, and social media influencer who creates and produce some of highly entertaining and artistic music videos featuring references and  material based on current and viral trends. Currently,  Anand’s new and exclusive song “Kai Martaba”  is releasing very soon which will be published on popular t-series chart buster channel. 

Anand Rajput is a social media influencer who is very popular among netizens. Having a charming and charismatic personality, Anand Sharma won the prestigious title of Mr. India this year. In his initial years, Anand started his career as working into theater field and did numerous plays in delhi-ncr. After doing theater for more than a year, he moves to Mumbai to try his luck and get some work in his initial days. He also did a music video named Teriyan Gallan. 

Kai Martaba, Anand’s new music video from popular and renowned label T-series along with song leading faces like Suzanna Reddy, Anand Rajput, and Arhan Ansari is about to be released. The song was crooned by none other than Farhan Sabri & Prashant  Muzumdar, two voices behind well-known super hit tracks. Varun Kaushik, the owner of Varun 

Kaushik Films production house, which did 

many well-known advertisement films. The director of music video “Kai Martaba” is and 

Shirish Gathe was in charge of the soundtrack.

Needless to say, music is a magical language, and working as a singer is a strength, especially when you are associated with the creative field. Anand Rajput have been creating some magnificent music in this music scene, some of which are hosts of melodies that ranged from love and romance too melancholy to dance numbers that have been purely lyrical and the ambit of their work in all its limits is truly phenomenal. Initially, started out by arranging music and with considerable struggle and tremendous hard work they finally succeeded in making it big in music industry with numerous compositions. If you haven’t heard the song, yet, you can listen and watch it on YouTube and admire his work.



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