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Date: August 8, 2023

New Delhi, India – Born on May 4th, 2000, in the culturally rich town of Madhubani, Bihar, Meer has blossomed into an exceptional Indian lyricist and dialogue writer. His artistic journey has led him to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry, adorning some of the most illustrious television shows and composing lyrics that resonate deep within the souls of his listeners.

Meer’s tale is one of tenacity and artistry, a story that traverses the lanes of Madhubani to the bustling streets of Delhi, where he was brought up. His artistic voyage commenced in 2019, marking the inception of a career that has since burgeoned into a grand symphony of words and music.

The Dialogue Maestro and Television Luminary

Meer’s brilliance as a dialogue writer is unparalleled. Known for his knack for crafting one-liner comedy punches that ignite laughter, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His name has become synonymous with popular TV shows that have captured the hearts of audiences across Asia. Notably, he has penned 80 episodes for “The Kapil Sharma Show,” a comedic extravaganza that has graced television screens with its uproarious humor. Meer’s expertise doesn’t stop there; he has also contributed his artistic flair to 50 episodes of “Bigg Boss OTT,” a show that has garnered a massive fan base for its captivating drama and entertainment.

Beyond the realm of television, Meer’s creative spectrum expands into the world of music, where his lyrical genius shines with unparalleled brilliance.

Lyrics That Transcend Time

Meer’s lyrical prowess has transcended boundaries, imbuing his compositions with emotion and resonance. His ability to wield words like a poet’s pen has resulted in unforgettable melodies that have touched millions of hearts. His lyrics for the song “O Dilbar Yaara” shattered records, garnering an astonishing 6 million views within 24 hours of its release. This lyrical masterpiece continues to amass views, crossing the 30 million mark and leaving an indomitable imprint on the music industry.

Meer’s collaborations with celebrated composers are a testament to his innate talent. Working alongside luminaries like Harish Sagane, Soham Naik, Rahul Mishra, Varun Jain, Kshitij Tarey, and Nikita Gandhi, he has breathed life into songs that have become anthems for many.

A Grateful Heart and a New Horizon

As Meer stands at the zenith of his creative journey, he acknowledges the guiding lights that have shaped his path. He credits his mother Kavita, brother Sahil, and his bade mama ji Shambhu Kumar, as well as Lord Shiva himself, for his journey’s trajectory. In Meer’s words, “They are the ones who got me here. Penning my destiny through my pen.”

April 2022 marked a significant milestone as Meer ventured into the realm of music entrepreneurship. His brainchild, “Juzz Melodies,” took flight with the debut song “Ve-Darzi,” garnering over 1,000 views within 24 hours on YouTube and capturing the hearts of listeners on Spotify with over 1,000 streams in just a single day. This record label has since become a creative haven, collaborating with some of the most eminent composers, including Soham Naik, Jayaan – Antariip, and more.

Meer’s presence isn’t confined to the creative realms alone; he’s also an active voice on Instagram, where he shares his thoughts and insights under the handle @meer1726, an affectionate nod to his role as a “cursed lyricist.”

In Meer’s own words, his vision for establishing “Juzz Melodies” was to deliver music that resonates deeply with listeners, echoing in their hearts for hours, days, and months on end—a testament to his unwavering commitment to producing melodies that forge a connection with the soul.

The Birth of Juzz Melodies: A Harmonious Revolution

Venturing into uncharted waters, Meer’s journey took a thrilling turn in April 2022 with the birth of his brainchild, “Juzz Melodies.” The record label, like a symphony conductor wielding his baton, orchestrates an ensemble of melodious experiences that resonate with listeners’ hearts. The label’s debut song, “Ve-Darzi,” set the stage on fire, garnering a remarkable 1,000-plus views on YouTube within the first 24 hours. The digital airwaves hummed with anticipation, and even Spotify joined the chorus with over 1,000 streams on the very first day.

Since that inaugural release, the label has been an artistic haven where melodies take flight and collaborate with some of the brightest stars in the music constellation. Meer’s visionary approach has led to collaborations with the likes of Soham Naik, who lent his voice and composition prowess to songs like “Janab Dekhiye,” “Khoobsurat,” “Tum Yaad Karo,” and “Tere Jaisa Yaar” alongside Rahul Jain. Collaborations with talents like Jayaan – Antariip, known for “Be-Sharam Shayar,” have painted a vibrant canvas of musical ingenuity.

Every Streaming Platform a Stage

Juzz Melodies, much like a maestro conducting his orchestra across various stages, has left no streaming platform untouched. The label’s melodious creations are woven into the digital fabric of platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. This omnipresence ensures that Meer’s musical artistry finds a home wherever ears are eager to listen and hearts are ready to be stirred.

The Soul Behind the Sound: @meer1726

In the realm of social media, Meer steps forward as more than just a name—@meer1726 is a gateway into the world of the “cursed lyricist.” His Instagram presence is a reflection of his musings and creative journey, providing a window into the mind that conjures melodies and crafts narratives. It’s here that fans get to see the human behind the words, the creator behind the enchanting lyrics, and the artist who strives to etch his soul into his craft.

A Vision that Echoes in Harmony

In Meer’s own words, the inception of “Juzz Melodies” was propelled by a single, profound vision—to create music that isn’t just heard but felt, music that resonates deeply with the human experience. His dream is to craft songs that are more than just soundwaves—they’re narratives that weave into the fabric of life, offering solace, joy, and companionship.

As Meer continues to wield his pen like a maestro’s baton, conducting symphonies of words and melodies that captivate hearts, it’s evident that his journey is far from its crescendo. In a world where creativity and innovation are the true currencies, Meer stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance, guiding listeners on a harmonious journey through the tapestry of emotions.



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