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HYBE Responds to ADOR’s Audit Claims: Alleges Illegal Activities with Min Hee-jin’s Approval

A heated dispute has erupted between HYBE, the entertainment powerhouse behind BTS, and ADOR, a key figure in the fashion industry, following recent audit claims and counterclaims. The conflict escalated after an audit of an ADOR employee by HYBE, leading to a series of accusations and rebuttals.

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin made startling claims, alleging that HYBE’s audit team engaged in illegal and coercive behavior during the audit process. According to ADOR, the audit team followed an ADOR employee to her home, demanded access to personal devices, and exhibited threatening conduct. These actions, as per ADOR, constitute interference with business operations and invasion of privacy.

In response, HYBE refuted ADOR’s claims and accused Min Hee-jin of approving illegal activities. HYBE alleges that hundreds of millions of won were unlawfully pocketed with Min Hee-jin’s consent. The company also stated that ADOR’s claims of embezzlement being a common industry practice are baseless and emphasized the seriousness of the alleged financial misconduct.

HYBE expressed strong regret over ADOR’s statements, labeling them as defamatory and based on false information. The company announced its intention to pursue all possible civil and criminal legal actions regarding the matter. HYBE also emphasized the need for further investigation to uncover the truth behind the alleged financial irregularities and the extent of Min Hee-jin’s involvement.

The ongoing feud between HYBE and ADOR has raised concerns within the entertainment and fashion industries. The allegations and responses highlight the complexities and challenges faced by companies in maintaining transparency and accountability, particularly in high-profile collaborations and business dealings.

As the conflict intensifies, stakeholders await further developments and potential legal actions from both HYBE and ADOR. The outcome of investigations and legal proceedings will likely have a significant impact on the reputations and operations of the involved parties.

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