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“Gulshan Devaiah and Ex-Wife Give Relationship Another Chance After Divorce”

"Gulshan Devaiah and Ex-Wife Embrace Second Chance, Prioritize Mature and Constructive Approach Post-Divorce"

Actor Gulshan Devaiah is embarking on a new chapter in his life as he reveals intentions to reconcile with his former wife, Kallirroi Tziafeta, after their divorce in 2020. Speaking to India Today, Devaiah disclosed that their renewed attempt at a relationship is characterized by a more mature, constructive, and nurturing approach.

Acknowledging the positive aspects of their past, Gulshan expressed the desire to rekindle their bond, stating, “We want to nurture the good things we had with each other. This has led us to this point where we can say that let’s try again and have another go at it.” Despite no assurances of a favorable outcome, the actor conveyed a sense of optimism, noting that the current dynamic between them feels different and more promising.

Kallirroi Tziafeta, known for her role as Elmira in the series “Made in Heaven” where she portrayed a character entangled in a complex marital situation, hails from Greece. Despite their divorce, Gulshan and Kallirroi have maintained a strong friendship, frequently sharing moments from their outings on social media platforms.

Reflecting on their post-divorce bond earlier this year in an interview with Hindustan Times, Gulshan Devaiah highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with his ex-wife. He emphasized their ability to confide in each other as best friends, sharing personal experiences including their dating lives. Devaiah expressed fondness for their current phase, underscoring the ease of communication and the emotional significance of their relationship.

In his professional endeavors, Gulshan Devaiah garnered praise for his role in Raj and DK’s web series “Guns and Gulaabs” and appeared in “Durgamati Season 2.” As he navigates this renewed chapter in his personal life, Devaiah continues to excel in his acting career, embracing new opportunities in both his personal and professional spheres.

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